Valkyria Chronicles 4


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Demo is up for PS4/Xbone/Switch. Haven't seen anything about there being a PC demo even though it'll be on Steam the same day as consoles. It's going to have Denuvo on PC so fuck them for that anyway.

Haven't had a chance to load the demo up yet but JP reviews from back in March were pretty positive and said it was faithful to the original VC. I could certainly do without it being faithful to the way VC1 made you scout rush to get A-rank in the vast majority of missions. I like my SRPGs to require actual tactics to beat, not running about like an idiot because the AI is too dumb to do anything about it and the game makes you do it to hit the turn number requirement. Supposedly you can still scout rush in VC4 but missions have multiple phases each with their own turn limit to get S-rank so while you can still play like an idiot if you want, it's not absolutely required to 'win'.
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They confirmed no demo for Steam, doubt they change their minds.

And yeah it's a shame they didn't change things to make it less stupid with scout rushing.

If you want to preorder, Voidu has a pretty good offer atm. 25% off and 18% more with SUMMER18, which cuts the price almost by half. There might be better offers before it launches however.