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VZTZ will be released December 10, 2021 @ 6:00 PM EST. Ran by Voidd (same dude from 2008-2010). ROF2 Client.

1. Download https://eqemu.vztz.org/rof/patch.zip (3.15GB), unzip to the directory of your choosing, this will be your EQ folder.

2. Run eqemupatcher.exe located inside the EQ directory to ensure your client is always patched, otherwise you will have troubles logging into the server.
If you cannot locate the eqemupatcher.exe you can download it directly, https://eqemu.vztz.org/rof/eqemupatcher.exe

3. DISCORD https://discord.gg/QJer5CVTvQ

Server Rules
1. Must have at least 1 hair on ball before your man enough to play on VZTZ.
2. VZTZ 1.0 Progression Server
a. Kunark will be released 2 weeks after the first guild that slays: Lord Nagafen, Lady Vox, Cazic Thule 2.0, and Innoruuk 2.0.
b. Velious will be released with General AA’s 2 weeks after the first guild that slays: Phara Dar, Druushk, Hoshkar, Nexona, Xygoz, and Silverwing in Veeshans Peek.
c. Luclin will be released 2 weeks after the first guild that slays Vulak'Aerr and awakens and kills Kerafyrm. (Kerafyrm will be balanced for server size and contain loot tables from Avatar of War, Vulak'Aerr and custom items).
3. No level brackets
4. No binding adjacent zones to raid targets, with the exceptions of cities, except where raid targets are located. (i.e., No binding in Kael).
5. Raid targets spawn timer changed from 7 to 3-4 days.
6. /who is not restricted, use /anon if you wish to remain anonymous.
7. Clerics can train Bash at level 6.
8. Pets will zone with you.
9. Players will be limited to 2 boxing.
10. PVP range is +/- 8 levels starting at level 6.
11. Server wide /ooc is disabled until level 6.
a. /ooc will be revoked if you are a toxic player or using foul language, be respectful in /ooc because kids and adults share /ooc. If you want to be nasty, take it to tells or the battlefield. If someone is bothering, you with foul language use /ignore.
12. Solo XP will be decent; however, group XP has a large bonus.
13. Coin Loot only, no item loot.
14. Discord Merchants (PVP) will be available with selected items and spells from other expansions level 40 and lower. (Items on PVP vendors subject to change at any time)
15. High priority zones will be FFA (Ignore +/-8 level PVP range).
16. Priests of Discord will now offer to bind your soul for free and spend your PVP points for spells and items.
17. PnP (play nice policy) and LNS (loot and scoot) is highly recommended but not enforced. Staff may ignore your request for assistance if you break these guidelines. Do so at your own risk!
18. Cheating and hacking is not permitted and will result in permanent bans for first time offenders. You have been warned and this server is protected with a strong anti-cheat system!
19. Report any bugs to staff ASAP, disciplinary action may be taken for exploiting depending on the situation.
20. Respect the staff, don’t be rude, crude or use foul language, we put up with enough!
21. Class changes may happen at anytime during 1.0 to help balance PVP, where necessary.


Lord Nagafen Raider
Many fun pixels pals


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