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29d 17h 18m
The original score of this film is composed by the brilliant Alexandre Desplat, but this particular piece is by another masterful french compositor : George Delerue. He scored films for 4 decades, from the '50s to his death in the '90s. He most notably worked for some key figures of the French New Wave (Truffaut, Godard) as well as for some major american productions (Platoon), but when you score 350+ films, not all are well known and great, so this was originally made for the obscure 1971 french thriller "Comptes à rebours".

While I am at it, one of Delrue's most famous piece, Grand choral, made for the 1973 film La nuit américaine (Day for Night - a great entry in the sub-genre "movie about making a movie"). This montage is actually the scene of the film where the piece is used (note that François Truffaut, the director, also plays the part of the director).