Witcher - Monster Slayer (Pokemon Go type GPS game)


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26d 18h 0m
I play almost no mobile games, but this came out within the last 24 hours or so I thought I'd post about it. Some locales had early access / beta (no wipe!) for a while, so they got to get ahead a bit.

It released today looking somewhat promising, but.. turns out there was a huge bug, people completing the tutorial got billions of exp and are now level capped. Sounds like they aren't doing a wipe, and you need to email them to get de-leveled. I can't think of a worse way to launch your game. Oops!
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Trakanon Raider
31d 5h 1m
I'm literally stuck on the first quest because it's in a locked graveyard up the street from me. Other than that, it has promise.

Edit: so apparently you can relocate the quest and i'm just dumb.
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Vyemm Raider
I tried it for giggles. Uninstalled shortly thereafter. What a shitty "game". It's good enough I guess if you're some hyper 19 yo who's gaming skillz sre measured in clicks- per-second.