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    Roguelike... City Builder (Against the Storm)

    There's a demo out on steam. Absolutely just lost 7 hours playing it, lol. It seems quite good. Bit rogue-ish with the random tech tree unlocks, but definitely seems to be even more layers of pain you can inflict on yourself just poking around the in game menus.
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    I feel that the last episode was a bit weird, but I'm ultimately happy with Spear's arc. The "big fight" was lame on it's face, but I think it was always a macguffin. Ultimately, he had his hero's journey, and redepmption arc as it was- and he did quite well at it. I think the complaints...
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    Street Fighter 6

    Bison has been technically dead for ages, so who knows there. But yeah gonna weird to have an unplayable boss if one of those isn’t it. Hadn’t thought about that.
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    World of Warcraft: Classic

    Dk with actual colored runes and the full kit was honestly peak wow class design. It really was something. Scourge strike being a 2 rune beefy boy was a grand time. Wod uh was the last time Dkz didn’t suck imo. Unless yer a bof fanboy. In which case I eyeroll at you. I played hunter up through...
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    Street Fighter 6

    They showed a bit of the create a dude mode in that trailer. I don't think it's really been discussed if that is purely single player or what. Clearly they have some kinda avatar based, wander around and play other people at virtual cabinets, but beyond that... no idea.
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    Street Fighter 6 The participating (launch) characters are Luke, Jamie, Manon, Kimberly, Mariza, Lily, JP, Julie, Dee Jay, Cammy, Ryu, Edmond Honda, Blanka, Guile, Ken...
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    Street Fighter 6

    Not likely with Karin. New trailer from TGS
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    General Gaming News and Discussion

    Sony made some kinda rumbling a month or more ago that basically said it was basically impossible for anyone to compete with cod. Really has nothing to do with making a better game or not. Cod bros are a captured audience of income that is massive. Even if you could make a substantially better...
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    Torchlight: Infinite

    Trying it out via steam. It plays well enough and has some potentially interesting character build options. But... it's the definition of barebones pc port. Can't rebind anything- not even a page with all the keybinds lol. I think the current beta is 2 weeks? No clue. Also almost...
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    World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

    Lol Asmon got hit too.
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    Final Fantasy XIV (Guide in first post)

    It's possible the purple is DRG not DK. The grip doesn't seem right for the greatsword. Which makes it a honking big poke stick.
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    The Fighting Game Community Thread

    Bridget announced for gg. Too late to catch the gg finals.
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    The Fighting Game Community Thread

    Not wrong. But it woulda been a USA win, which would have been ages ago last. Also juri looks sioo dirty. Heh. Idom played amazingly well, and ultimately I'm glad it wasn't a damn Rashid that won. They were both playing like idiots the last round, so I'm not surprised he looked so beaten...
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    The Fighting Game Community Thread

    Fucking hell. Idom had that.