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    Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017)

    and it's all your fault, astro.
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    Asshat 2018 FINAL VOTING ROUND!!!!

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    Vanessa's Tranny AMA Blog Thread

    This is one pathetic post.
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    The Good Place

    If the human afterlife is eternal, the comparative life span doesn't really matter though.
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    Beyond Good and Evil 2

    "Auguments" Sounds like there will be a lot procedural generation if they're actually going to have a scale that huge. That or just tons of empty useless landmass.
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    2018 AssHat Voting Round 5

    bitch are you retarded?
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    2018 AssHat Voting Round 5

    Picasso3 vs. Tyen Xequecal vs. Ossoi
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    #Gamergate and all things SJW

    Pfft, who's to say everyone pictured isn't a gay amputee?
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    Asshat 2018 Voting round 4

    Picasso3 vs Lanx Tyen vs. Cybsled Lendarios vs. Xequecal Punko vs. Ossoi
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    Witcher 3

    That all armor as light enchantment was at the last unlock. Cost a shitload of money, but I had more than I knew what to do with. Can't remember what level it was at but the one that extended whirlwind range was OP as shit.
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    Witcher 3

    Can't remember what I did at lower levels. Griffin armor sounds familiar though. Once I got the runewright unlocked it was all heavy armor with the enchantment that treats all armor as light.
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    #Gamergate and all things SJW

    It's the granny panties being worn like mom/hipster jeans that's throwing your instincts off. She ain't bad. The rest... not so much.
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    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Don't waste gold on insurance. Your horse doesn't permanently die, you just pay a couple dollars for a vet bill at the stables.
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    Far Cry 5

    Plot twist: by the end you see the error of your privileged ways and side with them to eradicate whitey from the post-apocalypse.
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    #Gamergate and all things SJW

    I did not know about this. Now I know.