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    Blizzcon Online 2021

    That was the saddest version of "for whom the bell tolls" I've ever heard.
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    Blizzcon Online 2021

    Remember when video games were about calling the other guy a faggot and implying their mom was a whore? This intro makes me not want to play games anymore.
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    Nintendo Switch (previously NX)

    Skyward sword without the bullshit motion controls has me kinda interested
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    Laser Cutting & Engraving

    Hey @Bandwagon , sorry if this has been answered, but I'm looking at a laser engraver that can do AR15 mags (aluminum and p-mags, which I believe are nylon based) as well as AR15 lowers. Specifically the lowers will be 7075-T6 aluminum that are then anodized. The shop has some Chinese made...
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    Investing General Discussion

    He's one of the most disingenuous fucks to ever walk this earth.
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    AssHat 2020 Voting Round 4!

    Caepan and Teekey
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    AssHat 2020 Voting Round 2

    Araysar vs. Screamfeeder Luringdirk vs. Mist Mudcrush Durtfeet vs. Lendarios Caepan vs. Kiroy Archeron vs. Dom Mario Speedwagon vs. Vanessa Bubbles vs. Xequecal Szlia vs. teekey
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    AssHat 2020 Voting round 1

    Araysar vs. RQB Screamfeeder vs. Bandwagon lurkingdirk vs. Alkorn Mist vs. Nirgon Gavinmad vs. Mudcrush Durtfeet Lendarios vs. Furry Foler vs. Caepan Kiroy vs. RovXIII Lanx vs. Archeron Dom vs. wormie Mario Speedwagon vs. Lightning Lord Rule BoozeCube vs. Vanessa Bubbles vs. Nidhogg...
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    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 & 2 Remaster

    Snagged it for $30 since I guess I had a coupon on epic. Really enjoying it, takes me back to when I was a kid :D
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    The Venture Bros.

    Fucking Cartoon Network. But hey more shit shows like Andre 3000 and Tim and Eric I’m sure.
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    The Last of Us

    It's goddamn criminal what they did to the Battlefield series. It made me actually go try CoD again.
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    I'm down.
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    The Last of Us

    This is less “heard the game is shit” at this point and more “saw the game is shit”.
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    Generation Kill

    I’ll never pronounce mustache correct again because of this show.