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    I missed that. Thanks!
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    I'm caught up. I haven't read anything in this thread fearing spoilers, but I enjoyed it. Decent tv is so rare It probably seemed better than it was, but I find myself liking the characters. I even like the overzealous fastidious guy and the mean spy lady. They aren't the usual cardboard...
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    Europa Universalis IV

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    Linux OS stuff Thread

    01:39:44 up 7 days, 2:26, 4 users, load average: 1.50, 1.68, 1.51 I'm finally using kubuntu as my daily machine. For awhile I was booting back into 10 to run vroid, but I got that working in linux as well so no need! I'm planning on doing directX development as crazy as that sounds. So...
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    Look at this starwars conversion:
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    IT/Software career thread: Invert binary trees for dollars.

    I've never gotten into test-driven. A friend tried to sell me on it years ago but so much of the time my inputs and outputs are impossible to even check. Stuff ends up in pixels on a screen. I recently did something that I think would benefit from it; A 6502 emulator I'm going to use as my...
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    Valheim - Viking Survival Game (Early Access)

    I started over. My character or save or whatever was all messed up. I kinda made everything I could make and then was stuck. Restarting fixed it. Now I'm just stuck being 1 short of a red foozle nubbins for making coal. Instead I'm massacring everything I run across and turning meat into coal.
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    2022 AssHat Winner!!!!!

    Does this come with some sort of penalty for eye-assault aka Alinity posts?
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    AI Image Generation

    Managed to make some decent textures with just the ordinary stable diffusion model. Was making armor for my valheim model. This one is a ringmailish hauberk: This one is a scaleish sort of short sweater that goes with a skirt. Just used really basic prompts like "scalemail texture".
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    AI Image Generation

    Happy Turkey time! And now for some comedy / horror results:
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    EQ TLP - Mischief (Free Trade / Random Loot)

    I want mischief with goofy race/class combos, or even just any race can be any class.
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    Windows 10

    I'm quite fond of kubuntu and I've started looking into doing development there. There's a directx / vulkan layer of some sort and I could cross compile and run with wine for the basic bits of windows forms I use. For games it is really just window creation, but my tools have alot of extra...
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    Windows 10

    So the above finally boiled over last week and I rage nuked the partition, bought a dodgy win7 key at some shady site, and went back to the golden era of windows 7. It was very rough; alot of googling to kick windows update into shape, get nvidia drivers to install etc. I'd also forgotten some...