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  1. Sudo

    Gravy's Cooking Thread

    Liver and onions can be good, but it needs to be fresh liver, rinsed so many times that the water is clear (all blood out of liver), then sliced thin and not overcooked. The person making it really has to know what they're doing or you end up eating rubber that tastes like iron.
  2. Sudo

    Did you go to camp?

    Went to multiple, worked at one for a number of years - during the 80s/90s.
  3. Sudo

    AssHat 2022 Final Round!

    Foler vs. Bubbles
  4. Sudo

    AssHat 2022 Voting Round 5 - the Final Four!!

    Foler vs. Mudcrush Durtfeet - this is a bottom of the barrel matchup, lowest effort takes it Bubbles vs. RobXIII - future Russian takes this one easily
  5. Sudo

    AssHat 2022 Voting Round 3! Do It!

    Foler vs. BrutulTM Soygen vs. BoozeCube Araysar vs. Mudcrush Durtfeet Bandwagon vs. DickTrickle Rajaah vs. Lightning Lord Rule phisey vs. Bubbles Chris vs. RobXIII pysek vs. fanaskin
  6. Sudo

    AssHat 2022 Voting Round 2!!!

    Foler vs. Gavinmad Lithose vs. BrutulTM Soygen vs. Zapatta Masakari vs. BoozeCube Araysar vs. Mr. Sox Izo vs. Mudcrush Durtfeet Bandwagon vs. Sanrith Descartes Dicktrickle vs. Blazin Rajaah vs. Hoss Lightning Lord Rule vs. Indyocracy Ambiturner vs. phisey Bubbles vs. Butthurt Nigron...
  7. Sudo

    Ashes of Creation

    I think PVErs have moved a lot over the past few years. Would the current wow pve crowd play a game where they had to wait for a peace period? or where there was a peace route to trade, but it was twice as far as the PVP route. Maybe I'm wrong, but I think they expect instant teleport fast...
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    Hunting Thread

    nm, misread
  9. Sudo

    Ashes of Creation

    I still maintain that a fantasy clone of EVE would do well.
  10. Sudo

    AssHat 2021 Finals!!

    Ossoi vs. Foler
  11. Sudo

    2021 AssHat Voting Round 5

    Vanessa vs. Ossoi Mudcrush Durtfeet vs. Foler
  12. Sudo

    2021 AssHat Voting Round 1

    Tarisk vs. sakkath Mudcrush Durtfeet vs. Kirun RobXIII vs. wellijustdontknow
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    I run 45NRTH wolvhammers. They stay warm down to -10f. edit: I always thought they were wolfhammers until I read the rest of Ao's responses.
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    Pan'Theon: Rise' of th'e Fal'Len - #1 Thread in MMO

    10 mins from zone in to trak (fight in, not COH) and 10 minutes between attempts sounds about right from what I remember. Our 'pullers' were more like overpulling train conductors. @Chukzombi yes?
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    yes - My daughter and I have almost been hit riding to her last 2 high school mountain bike practices due to this. 3 seconds of walk would help. I guess we should just take the lane instead of the crosswalk to avoid, but its a very busy intersection.