Alien Blackout, please let it be the one.


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26d 5h 48m
i didn't have a jaguar, because AVP was the ONLY reason to buy the system, and it was like $600, wasn't it?

the first avp for pc though was boss. and it was awesome because it had super randomized enemy placement. so you walk under a ventilation shaft, and an alien jumps out of it and kills you. so you restart at the check point and walk under that same ventilation shaft all ready for that sumbitch but he doesn't show. he's not there. and while you're focused on that ventilation shaft above you, he comes from a grate in the wall instead. so then you reload your quicksave and walk into that same room and SLOWLY check the vent above you. nothing. then you jerk around to the grate in the wall. nothing. good lord where is he?! he's not there. there's nothing there. the room is clear. you walk through the room and OH GOD HE'S RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME


Chairman Meow
39d 19h 58m
I remember playing a really fun aliens game on the c64. You played the squad of marines and it was iso metric.

I know, it doesn't sound that impressive. I think it might have been one of the first isometric games though.


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16d 16h 37m
Confirmed shill for the underwear industry! :p
Haha I wouldn’t be able to finish it. I had to play RE7 in non vr mode. I cannot even imagine the pants shitting that would commence if that came out in VR but it would be an amazing 45 minutes before I ripped it off the VR headset in terror 😜
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6d 8h 55m
There was a AvP game on that Atari Jaguar system. I loved that game. Scared the shit out of you in the ventilation system and aliens rushing you.
This was the only reason I bought the Jaguar. The stupid game kept getting delayed over and over again. I finally got it, and all it's 12-15 FPS glory. Was 100% worth the wait with just the Marine campaign alone! Watch a youtube playthrough of it sometime.


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[H]ardOCP: FoxNet is Working on an Alien MMO Shooter
Following the release of Alien: Isolation in 2014, fans have been hungry for another big game set in the Aliens universe. So, I bet you can image the fanbase's reaction when they learned the highly anticipated Alien: Blackout is actually a mobile game today. Fortunately, several media outlets received a email from Fox claiming that Cold Iron Studios, FoxNext Games' studio, is working on a "massively multiplayer online shooter set in the Alien cinematic universe for consoles and PC." TweakTown posted the full email, which you can see below, and they suggest that the upcoming game could have a PvE focus. Tie ins with other forms of media, like movies, comics, and even the mobile game are likely too, but confirmed details about the game are scarce now. Given their Twitter activity and posts on other social media, it looks like Cold Iron Studios have been churning away on this MMO for some time.
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14d 17h 19m
AVP 1 and 2 with their respective xpacs for PC were good.

AVP Jaguar was good.

We just want Colonial Space Marines vs Aliens with a predator sneaking around. Have they really not fucking figured that out yet? Or they have, are completely out of touch and think they know better than the people saying "give us this, we give you money"?
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