Amsterdamn/Germany (Oktoberfest)


Lord Nagafen Raider
1d 10h 48m
Going to Oktoberfest this year. Got flight to Amsterdamn since its a lot cheaper and get to see two places.
Main question has anyone taken the train between Amsterdamn and Germany and if so is it scenic or just better to fly?

Besides that any advice on Amsterdamn Germany Oktoberfest would be appreciated, thanks.


Knight of the Realm
9d 16h 50m
I'd fly, that's pretty far
Yeah, I looked it up on my rail app (I live in Switzerland) and thats an 8 hour train ride at least. Just find an EasyJet flight for like 50 €.

As far as Oktoberfest itself in Munich goes, if you don´t already have tickets for a seat in a tent then youre either going to pay through the nose to a scalper or you wont get to sit in one of the tents. Some of them offer standing room, some don´t, but those that do also fill up pretty fast.

I haven´t been in a few years but you can have a pretty good time just wandering around the festival area but dont expect to find anywhere to sit or relax without paying for it. Thats mainly what I remember but things may have changed in the years since I went, I think it was 2010 the last time I went.


Knight of the Realm
6h 36m
Don't take the train. Americans seem to think traveling to Europe you just jump on a train and boom you have cheap access to Europe, and beautiful scenery along the way.

Truth is trains are crap for long travel, they're expensive for anything other than short travel, like Amsterdam to Rotterdam etc. Once you start going longer distance, like Amsterdam to Frankfurt on the ICE trains, you're getting to the price point where it's the exact same as flying and longer travel times. From there is just gets worse with time invested in traveling on the train. I wouldn't take a train on anything lasting more than 4 hours of traveling time. Then on top of that, the whole scenery thing is crap unless it's a specific train that's labeled as scenic. Otherwise you're just going to be plowing through empty fields and maybe some rolling hills. It's boring as hell.

Basically the only positive about a train is easily accessible, but that's not always the case either. Especially if you miss a transfer or miss a stop etc and then you're stuck in a random train station in which you'll most likely get shit for help from anyone. Google Maps is great for trains, but then they're not always up to date with station closures or additional transfer buses. In the end the train is a bitch.

Fly that shit.
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Lord Nagafen Raider
18d 16h 14m
I had a look and the train is about 160 euros for two adults one-way, economy ticket. Trip takes about 9 hours. Some times of day it's cheaper but there's 3-5 transfers and it takes over 10 hours.

I'd fly or rent a car, it'll be less boring, less of a hassle and probably cheaper.

This is where you get the tickets if you want to check out some prices: Internationale treintickets kopen - NS International


Lord Nagafen Raider
10d 16h 2m
Wow this is weird... just got back from this exact trip. Did you fly WOW air? The train was the absolute biggest mistake we made. Almost impossible to get good sleep on a train that has people getting on/off every 20-30 minutes.

The actual fest was insane, we did a few tents, got extra drunk, and even got kicked out (intentionally) of the Hofbrau tent for chugging on tables.