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In WEAPONIZED, Jeremy Corbell and George Knapp pull back the veil on the world of the known, to explore the unexplained. This multi-platform investigative series features exclusive interviews, never-before-seen footage, previously-suppressed documents, original audio and video recordings, and hard evidence related to UFOs, the paranormal, cutting-edge science, cover-ups, conspiracies, and big-time crimes. Original, groundbreaking conversations with government whistleblowers, spies, spooks, scientists, military officials, muckraking journalists, filmmakers, historians, artists, musicians, and major celebrities will cast a wide shadow through the other-world… and detail the human experiences that inform these extraordinary phenomena. Your curiosity will be WEAPONIZED. PREMIERES WORLDWIDE ON ALL PLATFORMS : TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT PT. Full audio episodes will be published across all podcast platforms - and in visual form exclusively at and here on Corbell’s YouTube channel. New episodes will be released Tuesdays. In this first episode, Corbell and Knapp set the stage for what to expect this year from their investigative journalism. They will poke the bear - and break some news - as they discuss the winding road that has brought us all here: to a new consensus reality that includes the acknowledgment of the UFO presence engaging humanity. A reality where the UFO puzzle is being explored openly by our military and forward looking scientists alike. Your curiosity will be WEAPONIZED!

This show of theirs might go over better as small clips.
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i figure this is best place to ask . one thing i never understand is how to "ancient" cities end up underground and need to be excavated? any city - from ancient cities and even oregon. how does a city get built on top of old one? i cant imagine scenario where my city is covered by sand/dirt and new city gets put on top. how does this happen? obv not an archeologist
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i figure this is best place to ask . one thing i never understand is how to "ancient" cities end up underground and need to be excavated? any city - from ancient cities and even oregon. how does a city get built on top of old one? i cant imagine scenario where my city is covered by sand/dirt and new city gets put on top. how does this happen? obv not an archeologist

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Regardless of whether or not that is true, that fucking article is indicative of why we have already failed as a society. Is that what we consider hard-hitting reporting? Hey, let's quote a bunch of fucking retards on Twitter's responses! Fuck me, I want to shoot every fucking person associated with that article.

I'll quote it so you don't have to click and give them any more traffic.

A viral video that has amassed more than 11 million views on TikTok is claiming a very convincing theory that the actual Titanic never sank.

Instead, a woman by the name Mia believes it was the Olympic ship that had been purposefully submerged — in order to avoid the exorbitant costs it would take to repair it.

“I was a Titanic kid, meaning I literally knew every single fact about the Titanic,” Mia says. “My a** would sit and watch documentaries for hours and hours and hours. But when I heard this theory, everything like made sense.”

“The White Star Line — a super important ship company built three super notable ships. We have the Titanic, the Olympic and the Britannic,” she adds. The British company was one of the most prominent shipping lines in the world, providing passenger and cargo services between the British Empire and the United States at the time.

“The Britannic was the first to go — it was a war ship and people say it was struck by like a land mine in the water. But no it wasn’t. It was struck by a torpedo by a German U-boat and it sank.”

“As you can see, she resembles the Titanic. Just like different colors. And you can see where it was hit.”

Replying to @bamastidealwaysrolls i’m not saying anything for sure, but like i am #titanic
The Britannic was used as a hospital ship in 1915, and bore green and white colors. On the morning of Nov. 21, 1916, it sank, claiming the lives of 30. There were 1,036 survivors.

There have been conflicting reports as to whether the ship sank from an enemy submarine, or if it was due to a mine.

“And then we have the Olympic and the Titanic. They look identical,” Mia continues in the video. “The Olympic was on the water for a while. She was reaching for retirement and they knew that. They were like ‘well it was a lot of money to make the Titanic, and it’s gonna be even more money to repair the Olympic. So what if we just sent the Olympic out instead, sank that hoe, claim some insurance money and then just scrap the Titanic like it was the Olympic for some spare parts.”

Mia believes no one really knew what the interior of the Titanic actually looked like, except for the people who built it — suggesting that it would have been easy to flip the two.

“Who would’ve known? No one would’ve known,” she says.

Mia then describes some notable people who decided last-minute not to get on the Titanic, including J.P. Morgan — the prominent banker, and who was ironically the owner of the White Star Line.

Milton Hershey, of the famed Hershey’s chocolate brand, also didn’t get on the Titanic despite having already paid the deposit. Instead he went on the Amerika, a German liner, because the businessman was needed sooner than previously expected at his chocolate factory.

Mia does not mention, however, the Vanderbilts — who also made the last-minute decision not to go on the Titanic.

“Were they told not to because they knew it was going to f***ing sink anyways?” Mia asks, also noting that the number of portholes were not matching up.

“The Titanic has 14 portholes on the side of it, and the Olympic had 16. Well magically, by the Grace of God, by the Grace of Jesus, the Titanic had 16 portholes on the side of it the day that it left. They just tack two more on for funsies? No.”

Lastly, her argument supporting the theory fell to the two boats that were nearby — the SS Californian, which is thought to have been the only ship to see the Titanic, or at least its rocket — but took no action to assist.

Instead, it was the Carpathia, which arrived 2 hours after the Titanic had already sunk to assist any remaining survivors.

“We don’t know where she [SS Californian] went, but it was not the Titanic,” Mia says. “The Carpathia did. The Carpathia was multiple hours away and by the time it got there, the ship would’ve been gone, the ship would’ve already sank. Convenient.”

“Also every single time they advertise the Titanic, they use the Olympic’s pictures. They took pictures of the inside of the Olympic and used it as advertising.”

“I’m not wrong.”

In response, people were convinced.

“I did not have a titanic conspiracy on my 2023 bingo card ” one person replied to the video.

“It was planned.. Ex: JP Morgan had more than one rival on the Titanic. He pulled out and they died, thus making his business successful,” another person said adding to the conspiracy.

“No bc [sic] why does this make sense (also titanic kids unite️).” One viewer agreed.

“As a fellow titanic kid I’m LIVING for this video,” another wrote.


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The Vanderbilts and a surprising number of other 0.1 percenters pulling out of the voyage at the last minute is certainly pretty suspect, as is the changing number of portholes (if true).


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Fuckin awesome. Pilot shot this amazing video out the window during a flight. Easily the best night video sighting I've seen in a decade.
If any of you sleuths some across the tail number of this guy's flight please post it. I know a guy that wants to check the flight records for this.


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Chukzombi Chukzombi 1.2 million years old?

if the small, simple reptiles today came from more advanced and larger reptiles millions of years ago, its not crazy to assume humans did the same thing. cataclysms keep hitting the reset button on evolution. not sure why scientists arent even open to that line of thinking for humans. everything has to be put into these neat little boxes til things like this workshop pop up.


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Kinda odd presentation but interesting.

This seems to be the big up and coming theory, I see more and more on it. It wouldn't be too outlandish or surprising but how could anyone actually prepare for that and by extension it's more of a interesting theory than anything to worry about.