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Better than Pollock or Rothko.



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So I don't mind if i'm falling for the gullible bait.

Is there really an elephant that paints? Because that is impressive as hell and we need to get him a MFA asap.


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Yeah, but they have been trained to paint the specific picture they make and they get a fair amount of cues from their trainer.
It's not like Arbor who gives us a direct view of his dogmind with the paintings shown a few pages ago.


Musty Nester
96d 13h 41m
Ooh. Well, even training them to paint a picture of a tree is an impressive feat.

Don't they try to get different sort of chimps to paint as well? I seem to remember having seen things along those lines and they look about as you'd expect: as nothing that we have any real contextual understanding of. That they'll do it at all is interesting, the product less.


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The two most artsy things hanging in my place.
I surprisingly enough. don't own much art either. Poor artist=no original art. haha. I should call in some favors. I know one of my friends has Stelfreeze do a painting at least 1 a year.

I think I have talked about it here before.

I took a good number of art classes in college, entirely as an elective. I majored in horticulture.
at one point, an instructor gave us a "assignment" to basically do an essay on our favorite artist. I drew a blank. I didn't just not have one. but, even when going and looking. I came up with nothing.
At the time, I didn't really see art as art. Definitely not any viable career option.
To this day I think this is a serious problem in our schooling. My school absolutely failed at this utterly. Art classes even in highschool are still stupid shit like pottery, making stools, finger painting.
At the time there was 1 Mac. and iirc photoshop 4. you had to get in line to be the 1 person out of like 20 that could use it.
no illustration. no comics. no advertising. no architecture.
Guidance counselor, not a chance.

And frankly, college art building wasn't much better. While core IS there hidden. Not focused enough. A bit too random. Walk in the building and you are still greeted by pottery, random bullshit sculptures like already mentioned.
This was UConn. Not an art school obviously, but still an art program.
(I will mention at one point someone did make a black and white comic, and left a stack of them to take in the building at one point. I wish I kept it, or knew who they were at this point)

Wasn't until like a month before my graduation, that I checked out the comic shop out of curiosity. I was right next to the art store, and I had never been to one. started reading comics.

And then shortly after, took a trip to Hawaii. and that really stands as a huge shift in my view of art. Advertising. The skill and mastery in this stuff is phenomenal. This poster was on the wall of the hotel. Blew my mind. I have a print in my studio.

Book covers/movie posters of course as well. That Gatsby poster.


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I was looking all over the place for that second one when it was mentioned earlier in this thread=P

I've got a couple small original pieces around my house. Both of my older brothers and both of their (2nd and current) wives are tattoo artists. One of the sister-in-laws does a lot of painting now, mostly just to practice but occasionally she sells a piece. Last two years for Christmas she's painted some smaller custom pieces for all of us. Just water colors, and most of them in sort of classic old school tattoo style, but it's pretty awesome to have these personalized pieces.


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Can anyone tell me what this art style is called so I can search for more like it (for laser engraving)? I mean the black ink look that works really well for engravings, not necessarily the samurai as the topic. The only way I can ever find this stuff is to search for "Samurai ink art"





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Can anyone tell me what this art style is called so I can search for more like it (for laser engraving)? I mean the black ink look that works really well for engravings, not necessarily the samurai as the topic. The only way I can ever find this stuff is to search for "Samurai ink art"
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Ask folder to sell you some from his collection.


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The best art in the world is communist/socialist statues and shit.

Yuri Gagarin tribute




Seriously, that shit is awesome.

Also, one of the greatest losses when FoH went away was the movie house thread about the movieMy Kid Could Paint That. Lot of great discussion of art there and what a total crock of shit abstract Pollock style "art" is.

I know this is a decade old post lol, but I totally agree. In Ukraine they had the same crazy metal art style, loved it. The first one is from Kremenchuk and the second is from Kyiv. I loved it because it looks like the most badass raid group ever. And it's some national hero statues.