Best Credit Card with Cash Back Rewards


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If I'm reading it correctly, it's up to the first $500 spent in the top category per statement.... so $25 in cash back max at 5%. Everything else is 1%. If you spend $1,000 in your top category then it's $30 in rewards ($25+$5) per $1,000 or only 3%, not that great. It get's worse if you spend more consistently which pending on your earning there are much better choices. Why would I get that over the BCP?

I would imagine if you have any sort of budget you can maximize that more than ~3%, and probably get a higher ROR for all of the other categories making that even weaker.

I am younger-ish and have a family so I have the Capital One Savor - dining,entertainment,streaming all at 4%, and groceries at 3%. I do also have the chase freedom unlimited which I gave to my wife for general stuff at 1.5% for everything.
yea, i just used my custom cash only for a hotel bill and use citi double cash for everything else


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Blue Cash Everyday got a major positive refresh.

Previously: 3% on US Supermarkets up to $6000 per year; 2% department stores + gas; 1% elsewhere.

Now: 3% on US Supermarkets, Online Shopping, and Gas (up to $6000 per year in each 3% category); 1% else where. You also get $15/mo in statement credits with Home Chef and $7/mo back if you spend at least $13.99/mo on The Disney Bundle.

Still no AF. The Bank of America Customized Cash may still arguably be better if you have Platinum Honors status with BofA depending on your spending habits. SavorOne or the Amex Gold may also be better if you have extremely high grocery spend over the $6k cap. However, this is probably the closest thing to a "one card to rule them all" for homebodies/infrequent travelers that are low spenders - it just needs to be paired with a decent flat cash card.
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I'm super happy with SoFi. I'm getting a ton of rewards and a great interest rate, plus I got a 300 dollar account opening bonus for my direct deposits.