Best Tabletops for X-mas Gifts?


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My 13 yr old nephew lives to game but only PS, Xbox, Nintendo and PC. I want to get him a couple table tops for Xmas so maybe he will play with his family and get away from being a shut-in clinging to a monitor.

The genre has really boomed the last couple years, so I dont know whats 'hot'. I picked up Forbidden Island for $10. I am looking for other suggestions of the better, affordable entry level TT games. Under 2 hour playtime. Thanks in advance.

P.S. he is an Anime Dork as well. So any tie-ins with the genre or japano-centric themes are a plus. Darker themes are ok, so is rude humor.
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13 year old I’d have to throw in easier stuff like Zombicide Black Plague, Clank, Aeons End. All very good games in their own ways, and not overly complex.

Oh yeah Star Realms is a good one and cheap. I got it for my 13 year old nephew who doesn’t board game and he likes it. Also got him Magic the Gathering board game which is good and very cheap.


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Fallout board game comes out tomorrow and looks amazing. Probably an easy way to introduce him if he likes the IP.