Bird Box (2018)


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this was a movie written and targeted at women, just like that space movie with Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence. Once you figure that out in the first 2 mins, you basically have to turn your brain into rom-com mode and agree with your wife/gf when she says "wasn't this movie so MOVING and EMOTIONAL". Its a good movie to think your car repair todo list or what legendary animal you should be hunting in RDR 2 next

of course if you have a gf who thinks the movie is shit first check to make sure there isn't a dick hole then put a ring on it
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I wanted to slap the woman's head clean off when she didn't name the kids, dehumanizing twat monster. the black guy should have backhanded her every time she said boy or girl


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I wanted to slap the woman's head clean off when she didn't name the kids, dehumanizing twat monster. the black guy should have backhanded her every time she said boy or girl
At least we know she wouldn't have died if she saw the thing...since she's a sociopath and thus...crazy...

Yay plotholes!


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10d 2h 20m
Agree with the earlier comment that this movie would be better if it had came out about 10 years ago. Never a fan of 'end of the world' movies without at least some sort of attempt at explaining the reasons behind it. Biggest facepalm moment was actually the car scene to the grocery store. Movie was average at best which is funny considering the hype makes it sound like the greatest horror/thriller ever.


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The cameras make no goddamn sense at all though. Like he said, it's just pixels. At what resolution does it stop working? Would a solid gray screen still drive you insane as long as the camera is pointed at it lol? The fact that only certain people get affected (car scene in the beginning where Sarah Paulson sees one but Bullock doesn't) tells us the creatures target us. How the fuck do you target someone through a camera? Shit was extra retarded.
If they weren't going to do anything else with that concept than there wasn't any reason to introduce it. You could have done something where the crazies have cell phone footage of the things and that's one of the ways that it spreads. Someone uploaded some video and it got linked on 4Chan and those assholes did everything they could to spread it everywhere. It's basically Cthulhu knowledge. Just seeing it, even through a filter, even not knowing what the fuck it is, can be enough to drive you mad. These are extra-dimensional creatures from universes with entirely different laws of nature and somehow an opening formed and they came through.

Here's an example -

A drawing alone of Shub-Niggurath might fuck your day

Instead they introduce the idea of using cameras to circumvent the monsters, it doesn't work, and by doing so you're left with 10x more questions than you started with.
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I watched this last night, mostly due to have a look-see at what all the interest in it is.

I did like some of it, some of it, no. It was worth watching, I don't feel like I wasted my time, it entertained enough.

As many have said, Bullock's character was an extremely unlikeable person. And near the end we find out that she'd never given the 2 kids names, people will give goldfish names and they're likely to die in the first 6 months.

Other than that, one of the points that really stood out to me was what the RLM guys said, that the structure of the storyline ruined it. Showing the later years inter-mixed with the starting ruined the questions over who will survive to the end.

I did like some of it, the start of "the world is fucked, how do we survive?" was played out well and it felt frantic and real. It's just a good element to bring to any film, that extremely high stakes situation.

John Malkovich was also really good. The silly, but seemingly self aware silly-ness of driving their car to the supermarket using the GPS and parking sensors, meh, whatever, I went along with it.

Then the ending felt flat, and so damn unrealistic.