Bohemian Rhapsody (2018)


What a time to be alive
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Saw last night. It was fine. Biography type movies always feel rushed to me.

The green screen and CGI crowd at the end was mega cringe tho.

EDIT: just read the fact checking on the movie. Fuck that. Not the story of Queen.
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Finally got around to watching this. Agreed that the pacing

Overall, the movie was "good." Not bad, but certainly not great. And it should have been great. Queen was a larger than life band, almost on par with fucking Led Zeppelin. And the movie just kind of seemed boring. It makes me sad because I loved Queen growing up. Greatest Hits 2 was the second tape I ever bought and I listened to it damn near every night for years.

Also, Rami Malek seemed too effeminate to me. Which is a weird thing to say. I think SBC would've been a much better performance. Freddie was gay, but Rami is just kind of dainty.
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