Bohemian Rhapsody (2018)


What a time to be alive
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29d 22h 55m
Saw last night. It was fine. Biography type movies always feel rushed to me.

The green screen and CGI crowd at the end was mega cringe tho.

EDIT: just read the fact checking on the movie. Fuck that. Not the story of Queen.
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Ssraeszha Raider
70d 5h 43m
Finally got around to watching this. Agreed that the pacing

Overall, the movie was "good." Not bad, but certainly not great. And it should have been great. Queen was a larger than life band, almost on par with fucking Led Zeppelin. And the movie just kind of seemed boring. It makes me sad because I loved Queen growing up. Greatest Hits 2 was the second tape I ever bought and I listened to it damn near every night for years.

Also, Rami Malek seemed too effeminate to me. Which is a weird thing to say. I think SBC would've been a much better performance. Freddie was gay, but Rami is just kind of dainty.
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