Colrectal Stage 3 cancer.

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Hey mates,

I had just gotten 3 weeks ago a Promotion at work as well.
I just got terrible medical news 8 days ago.

This last week since Monday they have me do Endoscopy ,CT scans with the dye and Ultrasound Thursday.
Then today Friday , I saw the GI doctors, as well as the Oncology Docs with the colorectal surgeon they told me its Stage 3 colorectal cancer.
Cause I have extreme Colitis thru my entire colon they are going to have to do 8 weeks of chemo, then 7 weeks to stop chemo then they do the surgery to remove the entire colon and I will have to have colectomy bag for rest of my life.
Then they do more chemo.

I will edit this and fix this more sometime Saturday, I am stressed out as hell, I am not even 37 years old, I am 36 with 29 year old GF was going to Marry have kids with.
I want to make clear I am not giving up or my doctors but cause its stage 3 there is hell of a lot that can go wrong.

So if anyone knows about colon cancer, been thru it let me know in the real life thread, Just needed to get this off my chest ,I am still stunned have cancer even let alone stage 3.
What makes it even worse the news, the Labs they have do biopsy lost my Previous biopsy along with other patients or they would have caught my cancer 6 months ago, and my cancer would been much more treatable with a higher survival rate.

Another factor that has me stressed other then I might die is, they have to take my entire colon out, and my surgeon told me she cant even risk saving part of it.
Which means the colectomy bag will have to wear rest of my life which will suck ,but at least I may or may not be alive without the colon.

If anyone has some advice about how to deal with the cancer as well as chemo that is ahead for me pre surgery please let me know.

The Irony in all this is my GF was going to Marry next year and she wanted to start have kids, now all that shit is on Hold.

I Will be fixing my post in next few days as I get more info on my chance for survival etc.
On Monday we are going to go talk to some other Cancer doctors at another Hospital.

So if anyone has advice that has been thru cancer themselves that can let me know feedback would appreciate it very much mates.

Cheers all!


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Wow dude that sucks, really sorry to hear it. I wish I had something awesome to say but I don't. Really hope it works out bro.


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181d 19h 59m
That sucks man, I wish you all the luck, bro. Keep a positive attitude and stay strong, brother.


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96d 13h 41m
The good news is it'sprobablynot fatal, even at stage 3. And that's the good news.

I wish I knew some more encouraging words to say, but I don't. Fuck cancer.

Don't be afraid to use the support group system that your doctors/nurses might have informed you of. It might not help your distress but then again it might.

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246d 7h 25m
I wasn't lying when I negged you. :p I've been there.
Familial adenomatous polyposis runs in my family. Wont get into it. You can google it. When I was 16 I had my colon removed due to precancerous polyps. No doubt about it it's a massive change but it's more manageable than it may sound at first. I am now 35 and have also dealt with several desmoid tumors and years of chemo, surgeries, and various treatments.
There is life after cancer. I'm happily married and even after the years of chemo with the assistance of ivf we are trying to have a child that would biologically be mine. After all that chemo i didnt think I'd ever be able to. So my tip if you're gonna have chemo but are interested in children in the future freeze some sperm. That way you won't have to worry about your levels post chemo.
So don't stop planning to get married. Don't stop planning to have children. Just adjust your planning accordingly and time table accordingly.
It will be a very difficult time, I won't lie, there will be stress, there will be arguments, but this is something that will bring you and your GF closer together. Sometimes its harder on the loved ones than it is on the patient so always try to keep that in mind if things get difficult. It's a long road but if you use each other for strength you'll have a much easier time travelling it.
Good luck to you. Stay positive. Always.


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Wait, the lab lost your previous biopsy? Are there no legal repercussions to losing important medical tests?

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15d 4h 23m
My boss is 52 and was just diagnosed with colon cancer about 18 months ago. After talking to a bunch of doctors and weighing his options he decided to do nothing but regularly monitor it. The reason being most men die with colon cancer but not because of it. As long as it doesn't spread he's going to just keep on doing the same thing.


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13 years later, the truck finally came.



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Sorry to hear that. I hope everything goes 100% with no complications, and you are back on your feet in no time. Good Luck.
Wait, the lab lost your previous biopsy? Are there no legal repercussions to losing important medical tests?
Yes we already have Lawyers for that matter.
It happened to other patients not just me.
However as the doctors told me, I have to stay positive no matter what if, I am going to beat this.
Also to reduce stress all the way down, so cant get all worked up in the fact they should have caught this 6 months ago instead.
Had they caught this 6 months ago, I would be looking at stage 1 probably.

Even if I beat this they have to take out entire colon which means, for rest of my life will have to wear the bag.
As I said I am not even 37 yet, so as much as wearing the bag 24/7 will suck at very least if I beat this I will be alive.

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I imagine that would depend on the drug. I never had the option to take a pill version of an I've chemo drug or vice versa.


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44d 23h 54m
I am really sorry to hear you have this.

My cousin, who is for the most part the brother I have never had, is going through this right now at age 43. He had a round of chemo, they took his colon out and he has a bag, then went through another round of preventative chemo. They found some small spots on his lung and it had spread. He went through another 6 months of chemo and now they are going to do surgery on his lung to get the rest of it. He has 4 kids, one is a new born. He was the best man in my wedding and planned off chemo treatments with his Doctor so he could feel better for my Bachelor party and wedding day. The guy is a trooper. We have become even closer in the last year, which if you knew the both of us, you wouldn't think would be possible.

My advice is to stay positive (Easier said then done) and stay off the internet looking at statistics and 5 year survival rates. A lot of people are diagnosed after age 65, so when you are younger like you are, it is a very treatable / curable (Even at Stage 3) disease. So it goes without saying that if you see lower than normal survival rates, age has a LOT to do with it, and when people die with this cancer in that age bracket, it effects the percentages for everyone. And most older people believe it or not die from something else, but it is still counted in the survival rate from what I am told.

You'll be fine
With the added bonus of being able to play games without having to get up and take a dump! It will be automatic for you!! (Sorry trying to make you laugh a bit)

Hang in there. And for the record, anyone that bashes you in the games threads for asking for beta invites to take your mind off it can get go get fucked in their ear.


Best of luck, mate. I think attitude is the best weapon against cancer. Beat the shit out of it and show it who's boss.


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Keep fighting and try and keep a positive attitude. Fuck cancer.

As for which chemo is better you really need to have your doctor go with the one that will work better for your type of cancer.
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