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I never followed him that close. But whenever I was in the mood to listen to something like Orange Goblin or Dopesmoker, there was a good chance I'd go look for his channel.

Too bad he's a douche, I guess
Well I only noticed when his channel disappeared 90% of his videos. I don’t follow him but I did buy a shirt to support him. I’ve found so much great stuff from his channel you can’t find elsewhere. But honestly reading the “offensive” posts he made he wouldn’t be out of place here. Mario would have shit on him for not going far enough.

The shitty texts he sent the artist were lame though. Guilting them or bitching them out for allowing other channels to post them. He wants to be exclusive, but he doesn’t pay them or anything. Just feels like his channel has so much views they owe him something for the free exposure.
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