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VISA is accepted everywhere, I have a VISA and I live here.

If you want refills go to Nandos or Five Guys.

My girlfriend always asks for free tap water, I don't think that's a weird thing in the UK.

Pub Food and Fish/Chips is usually carbs with a side of carbs, go to a restaurant if you want something with nutritional value.

I want refills everywhere I go--strange, I know. I ask for free tap water everywhere, and they are always shitheels about filling it up or putting more than a single ice cube in it.

VISA is accepted everywhere, but for whatever reason using a card INTERNATIONALLY sometimes creates a problem because credit card processing still sucks and them bringing that cumbersome card reader to the table, and then sometimes it's asking for a PIN. My point was, carry cash. I had 3 credit cards flagged for travel and in one or two places per trip I had a problem where none of them would work at one restaurant or another.


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ery pretentious but all it's got really is nice views of the Brunel Suspension Bridge, I lived there for 2.5 years and considered jumping off it.

Liverpool has a fake anglican cathedral made of concrete on the inside...............even with a shitty modern art gallery

ROFL, idiot
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Just FIY the free refills and free water in restaurants is mostly unknown in Europe, there's actually been some talk of making it a legal requirement but for the moment you'll have to order (and pay) for bottled water by the glass. Some will do free tap water if you specifically ask for it but don't expect it.

Pub food can be pretty decent if you're not expecting haute cuisine, usually it's straightforward fare like a burger or fish and chips but it can be pretty good and not bad on price either compared to restaurants. Ask the locals too, they'll usually be able to recommend a pub.

VISA is fairly widely accepted, amex less so. Definitely carry some cash at all times.
All licensed premises in England and Wales are required by law to provide "free potable water" to their customers upon request. In Scotland a similar law applies, but specifies "tap water fit for drinking".

This means pubs, bars, nightclubs, cafes, restaurants, takeaway food and drink outlets, cinemas, theatres, and even village and community halls - so long as they are authorised to serve alcohol.


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How old is the kid? England has a lot of pretty good fun things to do for the younger ones. My kids loved Warwick castle. Most of the wealthy estates/castles are open in the summer to tourists to help pay for upkeep. Most don't disappoint, just look at scheduling as it can change.

UK cards are chip & pin based so some older US cards may not work in 100 % of the stores in older areas. Unless your card doesn't blow you're going to be paying 3 percent foreign tax on everything.

Seconded on Edinburgh. Bath is a really cool place too, I would usually double it up with Stonehenge (meh) for relatives. Do all the touristy crap in central london, grab some sausage rolls at Hyde park. London can be a fair amount of walking.

Brits asking if you're alright = Hey, how are you doing. Tube system is not complicated, try to avoid at peak hours. Day pass all zone is pretty inexpensive.

On the plus side the pound will probably crash with a hard brexit and everything won't be 1.5x as much


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You’re right , was late for me.

It’s the bacon rolls that are legit. Brits got cheddar and bacon on lockdown.
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I've only been to Dublin, Edimburgh and London as a tourist and they all offer a lot to do, of course London is way ahead. Dublin is ok, Edimburgh is awesome.
Except if it's your cup of tea, the Speyside in Scotland isn't really worth it - it's a real tourist trap. You can't get lost, because on every tree there is a sign "NEXT BEST IN THE WORLD DISTILLERY 100M LEFT AFTER THAT OLD OAK".
I've been to the outer Hebrides (Harris & Lewis). Now this is wild and we had a great time there. Fly from Edimburgh to Stornoway, rent a car, and go around the islands. Best time we had there - its just fucking beautiful if you like looking at landscapes, beaches, sheeps.


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If you want to book train travel in the UK use this: Trainline | Search, Compare & Buy Cheap Train & Bus Tickets

Coach travel in the UK is a bit shitty if i'm honest - although it's very cheap.

One thing I didn't mention that I did a couple years back with some friends is rent a boat and hit up the Norfolk Broads.

Visit Broadland and the Broads

It's amazing if you get the weather. You don't need a boat to visit the area (car pretty much needed though) but you can hire something leisurely you can stay on like a small canal boat for a couple nights. You need to sort it in advance though as it's really popular.

It's one of the most beautiful area's in the UK and there's tons of historical places to see. Having a boat is fun as shit as there's real comradery between 90% of the people you meet, who are literally all fucking useless on boats.

Edit: The refill thing is becoming more popular loads of pubs and stuff will give you one if you ask.

If you want free water you just go into a place that serves booze, they are obliged by law to give you tap water free.
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