EQ TLP - Vaniki (Level-Locked Progression)

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Go read SorrowsEnd SorrowsEnd 's posts and then come work on your achievements ... hell'a good times.

I've found Vaniki to really be the best nostalgia server to play through older content.

They removed all the level requirements on gear so you can take level 100+ tradeskill gear and slap it on level 1's. It will scale down very low at first but by level 10 you are a monster. I put a honed wyrmslayer and a bi'faak sword on a level 1 bard and got him a cloak with illusionary spikes XVI. At level 2 he got aoe damage song and i started pulling whole zones for a group of toons to level. At level 30 i pulled every single spider in the front half of velks and sat down.

Friend and I just cleared out the 4 kunark dragons for the title/pet at level 50 and gore, trak, talendor, sev all died in about 15 seconds each.

But being able to buy a full set of CoTF tradeskill gear for half a krono is hilarious.

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Or like revisiting an old game you never completed back in the day and don't have time to any more and using cheat codes to finally experience the content you never got to see.