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38d 10h 49m
All that drama over an xp camp in Paw? Dayam. I think that Agam guy streams.
Over the worst camp in Paw too (Ent).

Yeah he does stream, we used to chat a bit but he was basically always salty about something. Epics too contested, guild sucks, no one to group with, etc etc. This wasn’t a big shock to see.


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55d 18h 41m

This is basically what happened with me in LGuk a couple weeks ago. Guy shows up in my camp, loses a DPS race on Frenzy, does a bunch of name calling in tells because he "was there first" which doesn't make any sense because I'd been there for hours. Frenzy spawns again, I beat him in another DPS race, he flips out and gives me a bunch more nasty tells to add to the police report pile. I leave him a parting gift as I die-gate, wiping his box duo out. Guy then spent two days flipping out in general chat about me and how I and Bind Rush are both teh scum of teh earth. Legend says if you go to LGuk and be very quiet, you can still hear him moaning in general chat.

Edit: The most important thing about die-gating to kill someone is that you're also leaving your corpse there. So even though the camp is theirs now, they get to see your corpse sitting there reminding them that you could return at any moment. Unless they know how to make it disappear but let's be honest a lot of the people who act like this aren't the sharpest tools.
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12d 22h 37m
LoL sounds like typical EQ behavior. I think it would better if the GM simply responded with something like, "Bro it's EQ. WTF you want from me" or something.

NOT Bigor33

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4d 5h 7m
Lol didn't realise these 2 degenerates had their own thread, yeah technically not theirs but might as well be with 3/4 of posts about them.

Also didn't know that these clowns were the fitzgerald twins when we had this run in. They were being dicks running their PL trains over the top of random people xping in Velks, so they had some karma coming their way.

Once I found out who they were I changed my twitch name to BunsenKingofVelks and would drop by occasionally to troll them, got a few rants out of them, one got clipped but assume is lost now.

A few quite large spider pulls went up in smoke and they got super buttmad.



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4d 5h 7m
They dragged a summoner into this pull, and tried to get me killed, but I had AGC and Abscond in expectation of shenanigans so was able to nuke most of the pull without dying, not sure how many I got the xp for. Enough to piss them off I guess.

I'd hang out here late (for them, when I'd had a few beers and was in the mood for fucking with em) They said I'd cost them lots of customers and they "allegedly" had to refund a lot of krono because of me, not sure they actually did refund anyone, shortly after this they changed business model to straight up just taking krono for PLs and ghosting, then changing char names every week or so.


That serendipitous Omgalul in general :trump:
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4d 5h 7m
Couple more.... I think that's most of them

Do I feel bad for these guys? Maybe for the hard lot they were dealt in life. But for the scummy shit they pull in EQ and the consequences they've suffered as a result? fuck no. I only fuck with people that deserve it, I'm normally a pretty chill, live n let live guy.

INB4 you say they Dindu Nuffin and were just trying to make a buck innocently PLing people for krono, those shitters would run their pulls over any group that got in their way, xp group at entrance? nope fuck you, trained, Frenzy group? same deal.

Here comes the autoclicker trade spam

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7d 16h 21m
Personally I was hoping for the Ryan & Sean redemption arc, but they haven't streamed or uploaded a video in forever now :(
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