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Knight of the Realm
Jul 30, 2016
1h 46m
I figured this might be a thread others could use in the future, but I've got my own request as well.

Getting my wife this rolling makeup kit with lights for Christmas because, well...she wants it. These damn things seem to be more expensive than what I would expect, given the size and all. The one she wants is provided with a link and is $355. The closest thing to that one is a Shany Rebel Makeup something another for $298. Right now she has to carry like 3 different things on her jobs so this would consolidate everything. I've had quite a time trying to figure out the particular brand on the one I've linked. I've been looking at rolling makeup stations for entirely too long now and can't seem to find anything cheaper. If you might be able to help me save a couple of dollars or at least identify the brand of what I've linked that would be awesome. Thanks!


Big Phoenix

Karazhan Raider
Jul 30, 2016
21h 33m
get her a toolbox off craigslist and put a mirror on it and some sweet computer case leds.