FOHSS consider following


I thought I"d give overdue appreciation for everything this board has done... in my own way. From the Houses" recommendations that have stuck with me even years later, to the /facedesks in the Girls thread. From the lipstick-scribbled "FoHSS" on some random camho"s titties, to yet another goddamn misplaced FSR gif of some dude sucking off a dolphin. From the fantastically epic zingers to... Makata"s posts. This place even affects real life: whenever someone irritates me, I just imagine them as useless as Mippo. Suddenly, all is right with the world again.

EP was right. You form attachments to things other people would call you silly for, because it"s "just a forum". It isn"t, to me. Yeah, this place has had its ups and downs, the good and bad moments. But despite it all there are definitely some amazing people on here, and I"m damned lucky for being given the chance to get to know them.


When I get tickets to see a lecture by one ofmy childhood heroes, then also want to repay everyone for many years of entertainment... the hour+ wait outside the door to the parking lot seems trivial by comparison.

There was only one path to take.

Andonlythe most batshit-insane, iconic FoH would"ve done.

Thank you, Fires of Heaven.

To many more.


Mr. Poopybutthole
238d 19h 10m
I was all prepared for a sarcastic wise-ass remark, but the picture made me change my mind. Awesome work.