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37d 16h 24m
lol they'll make her black and it will suck.

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103d 9h 56m
Double Upper, nice. That’s gonna be a long day, but will be some epic white water. @FonderJarl and I are heading to WV tomorrow to do a couple of “Best Run of the Day” trips with Adventures on the Gorge. Hoping we get the Gauley but we could wind up on the New. Heading back in the fall for a reverse Gauley, lower first day and upper second day.

This is us taking a big hit on the second drop of Lost Paddle last year. The other one is me washing off of the Volkswagon rock after falling out of the raft at the top of the Pillow Rock rapid.
Responding to myself.

We got the upper Gauley today, at 1400 cf/s, which is half of what they run it at in the fall Gauley season. My buddy and I, plus two other customers were in a small boat with one guide. Nine other guides were on the run, three in each of the three other boats.

Much more technical ride than what you see in the fall, lots more rocks to navigate around. We flipped the boat at Iron Ring, and took a good swim. No video boater but we did get some pictures which I’ll upload later if they turn out.

Guides say it’s upper G again tomorrow or The Drys, which is below the Lower New from what I understand.

Here’s a picture I took last year at the disc golf over -look at Adventures on the Gorge.