GoT [Autistic Off-Season Discussion]


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30d 3h 48m
S6 and S7 where painfully incoherent. Both of those seasons pretty much nothing was moved forward. These morons have 8 episodes left to resolve;

The whole fucking white walker army heading south
The night king
Cersei's child and her romance with Jaime
Tyrion being mad he didnt get to bang Daenerys
The fact John and Daenerys are related
The overall fight over Westeros between the houses
Whatever the hell happened to that fuck buddy Daenerys eft in charge back in Esos
Dickless going to rescue his sister from his uncle
+ god knows how many other subplots(Glegane bowl etc.)

S8 is going to be a cluster fuck.
The whitey walkers continue south with the night king until they come across Jon Snowsand Tarberryman and that blonde chick Danny being carried in a boat to Winterfell3x. Blondy pops up from bed and screams Docarryus and after some funky sounds the dragons breath fire and kill them all.
Jamie has moved out and finds a nice wild thing girl who has only had her dad as a sex partner. He lives happily ever after.
Tyrion hooks up with Cersei.
Jonny54 and Danny find out they are related. Get married.
All the lands cheer and come together. They all die from food poisoning after the kingdoms new cook Ayra misread the ingredients.
Esos shows up with the golden people. He is heard shouting something about My ISLAND as the new lord commander William Wallace screams about freedom.
The On falls in love with his lesbian sister and they spend their last days grabbing each other by the pussy.
Mountain and Hound set a date of 5 years due to winter for the Shebangbowl. Entrance fee is 99 gold coins and payout is 30 million to the winner and 29,999,999 to the loser.

There is S8e1.


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23d 13m
It's going to have the George Bush head scene removed! I'll keep my original edition that still has it and talks about it.
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10d 12h 29m
Could be good. Valarya at its height, Bran the Builder, the war between Children of the Forest and Men, etc.


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27d 13h 5m
different showrunner though, always hard to repeat the magic.. hopefully they do.


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22d 19h 37m
They started performing poorly enough when they ran out of source material that I'd say there's a pretty good chance someone else could do better than them.
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39d 8h 16m
Didn't know the first time a piano was used in Game of Thrones score was the opening of episode 10, season 6

The director of this episode, Miguel Sapochnik (also Battle of the Bastards, Hardhome, and Altered Carbon episode 1) will be returning to direct episode 3 and 5 of season 8. The showrunners will be directing the final episode.