History of this message board


Mr. Poopybutthole
372d 11h 34m
Who this?

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Canuckistani Terrorist
65d 2h 27m
The reality is this is all a complex simulation. Even your "real lives" are fabricated simulations, that exist only to feed the machine, with content for the FoH hivemind. No one knows how many times this board has actually existed, or how many centuries this has been going on. Thanks to the Lumie plugin, no one actually believes the cold hard truth. Jasker came close, but the system simply introduced him to WoW Classic, and made him an officer of the forum guild, problem solved.

If your wondering about all the TDS Liberals here past several "years" the fusion reactor that powers the entire complex runs on some mixture involving sodium. The system needs to switch it up every several years to maintain peak fuel production. Eventually the board will be mostly Liberals again. All of this has happened, and will happen again...

Me? I'm just some nobody facility janitor, this just happens to be the best way I can look at tranny porn at work.


<Silver Donator>
158d 18h 38m
Someone needs to do a history of FOH using handpuppets.

More importantly how have we not combined this with our boards propensity for financing low tier porn? We need "FoH History - A XXX Parody"
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Tranny Chaser
93d 14h 46m
Well she posted it on her FB, that's the closest I can come to answering your question.
We need an update. Who is she seeing now? What happened to the chum that pushed tyen out. Can you ask her to post here again? tyen tyen is banned, trex trex is not afaik.