Hodj Proved Salty: A Tranny's Victory Thread

Asshat Brando

Potato del Grande
15d 4h 20m
I wonder, where would Zuckerberg rank now on worlds worst Billionaires?

1. Murdoch
2. Koch
3. Koch
4. Zuck?

This is crazy talk.



<Gold Donor>
92d 9h 10m
I got a few to add to this...

There was a dude in my office who used to run full speed down the hall, weird as fuck... As if every meeting was life and death.

There was a H1b Indian who shit on the toilet squatting over it, how we knew? There was shoe prints on the seat.

Another dude used to talk to himself all the time.

Arab dude, actually a doctor of mathematics, which smelled up the whole corner of the office with BO, it was so fucking bad HR actually sent out several emails about general hygiene to the office.

Someone left a flesh light in one of the private bathrooms one morning in the sink. Next person which went in there saw it, reported it to HR and then we had 2 fucking weeks of non stop sensitivity and sexual harassment seminars. They even shut down the 2 private bathrooms, made them into storage closets.