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74d 40m
Deer season is upon us, and I have a spot where they bed down. I've checked the last four mornings, and never seen less than 10 deer each morning. I'm getting a tag, so is my wife, and so is one of my daughters who expressed an interest in doing this for the first time. I've already got one with my bow, and we're going to get at least three more. Venison aplenty for the year, and I love it!
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Trakanon Raider
26d 5h 18m
Well I spoke too soon. I checked my emu's nest today to see if they laid another egg and something raided it and broke/ate the three eggs they had in there. Not like I can lock the emus up so unfortunately I'm gonna have to cull whatever is responsible. Most likely raccoons. oh well. Wish the Emus themselves would of handled it, but they really only get super protective of the chicks and kind of ignore their nests until they are filled and ready to brood them.
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