How much real money have MMOs made you?


Lord Nagafen Raider
9d 9h 12m
Never sold anything but I did get a few tells offering to buy my enchanter. Was too attached to the characters so I never had any interest in selling.
I didn't get many tells from people asking if i wanted to sell my character until Planes of Power, then i would get once a week offering like $2k (was one of the top geared wizards on TP at that point)- always had the weird thought that maybe SOE was fishing back then.


Golden Squire
8d 15h 26m
I made very little off the MMOs that I spent the most time playing. I did make a decent chunk off games where I rushed to max level/end game and sold pretty quickly after realizing there wasn't much there for me.

FFXIV: $2000
ESO: $1500
Never winter Online: $3750
Aion: $1700
Rift: $700

Meanwhile my total time playing something like EQ was easily 10x the total amount of everything listed above but I never had the heart to sell anything there.
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Golden Squire
8d 15h 26m
Damn, did you take advantage of the negative bids exploit on the AH before the infamous Caturday rollback or do it legit? Not judging, just curious.
Nothing was legit about that game or the manner in which I made the money but this was mostly from multiple accounts using the Guardian Fighter (I think?) bug that allowed me to one shot almost everything in the final dungeon to farm out toons.
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Jackie Treehorn

Lord Nagafen Raider
8d 11h 4m
I really haven't played any MMOs to speak of since 2003 with EQ.

That said: I recall back at one point I quit before 2003, I sold 100,000 plat to Jonathan Yantis (remember IGE?) for something like $1100. He actually called me on the phone to confirm the details, we met in game, and he sent me the money PayPal.

Gamer turns virtual currency into massive Oregon house with $1 million pool (photos)

I think I sold my character for $600-800 or something on top of that, which was pretty decently raid geared at the time. I'm thinking this was all around 2001. Then I started over from zero and played until 2003 and quit during PoP.

Now, ALSO during that time...funny thing happened. I bought an account for not much. I want to say it was a hundred something dollars. It had a level 60 barbarian rogue on Torvoninnilus or whatever that server was, it wasn't my server, but I wanted the character since it was decently geared. The character's name was Pokem or Pokey or something. It fucking had a gnome mask. For a hundred something dollars. As I logged on and saw it, I immediately transferred it to my own account. The rogue account I remember playing a handful of weeks and the owner ganked it back and reset the password. But I still got that gnome mask. I remember selling it for a shitload of plat in the EC tunnel, and turned around and sold the plat for hundreds of dollars. Looking back, there's a really good chance the rogue account was stolen in the first place.

That pretty much concludes any money I made from MMOs.
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Golden Knight of the Realm
20d 22h 17m
MMO's have always been a net loss for me money wise, but profitable in the entertainment per dollar ratio. The only game I've ever made money on was a mobile Star Wars card game. Dropped around 200 into it over about a year, did a lot of in game trading, wheeled and dealed with the help of a clan mate, and turned around and sold the account for $1300 when I was finally finished with it. Picked a good time to get out too, most of the really valuable cards I had, tanked in value a few months later when they started releasing TFA themed cards that kicked the snot out of a lot of the older stuff.
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Bronze Knight of the Realm
10h 3m
Back when I was poor, I sold my raid priest in vanilla WoW for 800, and my raid enchanter in EQ for 500ish. That's about net even with how much I've spent on MMOs.

I'm on the other side of the spectrum now. I'd have no problem paying ridiculous amounts of money to bypass tedious aspects of an MMO like farming gold.
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Trakanon Raider
10d 11m
The old FoH site had a story from a guy who was able to dupe items and made enough to take his whole family to France. It was from very early on kunark or velious.


Lord Nagafen Raider
1d 20h 52m
I made about 40k back during classic and kunark. I was in college at the time selling cloak of flames for 1k each on ebay along with some other stuff. A lot the items were duped but not intentionally. There was a bug where if you camped right as you were death touched when you logged back in you would be fully geared with a corpse fully geared. There was also a lag death bug that was similar.
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<Prior Amod>
14d 4h 53m
EQ2 - over 25k

Wow- 5k'ish (selling gold and an account back in the day. This was before what they do now)

Star Wars The Old Republic- About 3k right at launch until they shut my account down.
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Lord Nagafen Raider
8d 22h 24m
Outside of WoW bnet tokens I haven't really been able to make money from MMOs. Sold my EQ account for way too little when I "quit" and got it back years later after it had been inactive/banned for years already. Still have the original CD keys.

Now I'm sitting on 5 million WoW plat and am just about ready to cash out.


Golden Squire
3d 8h 10m
Never sold or brought anything in EQ was to young

Sold my WOW account back in the day , had all relam first achivments and was very well geard with rare titles etc for £500. I got an email from the person who brought it a week later saying the account was banned, I gave him all the information I had re-owner serial numbers etc but never heard back from him so no idea if he got it all back. I suspect it was someone who was trying to buy it from me but I turned down he said he would get the account banned for not selling it to him.

I played Lotro for a bit and 2nd level 50 on my server and first LM across all EU servers game was shit though sold the account a few weeks later but was not much market for it I think I sold it for a few hundred pounds, it covered my cost of the game and lifetime sub so was happy with that. I have that account back now though, I tried to play it many years later person was lazy never changed password or anything. I never changed the password either left it same In case it was still in use but was obvious it was not as charecters still pretty much the same as I left them with a few new low levels ones. I still log on everynow and again to play for a day or so.

But time invested and monthly fees I am way down.


Golden Squire
1d 25m
Threads like this always make me ashamed to play MMOs, nothing but degenerate poor people playing them.
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