If you woke up one day in the body of an age appropriate female, what would you do?


Life's a Dream
30d 14h 21m
Personally, I'd masturbate right away, just to know if it really does feel any better or worse for a girl.
Try a dildo also, because why not?

You better stop there because going any further than that and you get into a really strange place. Like... Would you let some dude fuck you to see what that feels like? Super gay.
If you did decide to go that route, how would you choose which dude to let fuck you? This is so gay. Maybe your only choice would be to try a tranny film star like Bailey Jay or some shit.


Make America's Team Great Again
<Gold Donor>
23d 14h 16m
If you wanna fuck, find the chick who swapped into your body and fuck her. #notgay

And yeah to the movie. I'm thinking hot chick with Rob Schneider.


Lord Nagafen Raider
34d 18h 7m
I'm not sure what age appropriate means. If she was my age I'd probably bitch about my wrinkles and all of the sagging. Much younger and I'd probably just go about my life.
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