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Golden Squire
Logged in for a few minutes. I never realized how much better the game looks with gamma set at 0% and how much depth it adds to the game (at least as a human).


Lord Nagafen Raider
We've hit a maximum of 240ish at launch.

Numbers going up daily.

My team and I are always around to squash bugs, and we post real time updates.


Blackwing Lair Raider
For those that played EQ Reborn- any significant differences between this server and that?


Lord Nagafen Raider
The difference is about 20+ dynamic updates a day.

Shit doesn't stay broken for long.

Planes actually open upon dragon kills.

Sky works.

Fear works.

Hate works.

Dozens of quests that aren't on EQR work here.

Admin doesn't ban you for talking shit about him in your private discord.

Also, an actual team, who know how to do more than

if($text=~/I suck at eq/i)

1. Mail Quests fixed.
2. Symbol quests fixed.
3. You can no longer use pet stop.
4. Your charmed pet now breaks on feign.
5. Charmed pets now correctly get added to feign death memory upon feign.
6. Code optimizations for changes.
7. All zones set to classic.
8. Iksars added to grobb.
9. Iksars added to platemail.
10. Iksar Troll and Ogre are all friends. Kumbaya.
11. Paw reverted to classic.
12. Cazic thule reverted to classic.
13. All items set to pre nerf.
14. Runnyeye will drop blackened iron instead of blackened alloy.
15. Nektulos now has correct zone points and NPCs.
16. Lavastorm fixed.
17. Highpass is original. (Needs pathing and .map)
18. Out of Era zones are disabled.
19. SolTemple quests fixed.
20. Wolves are no longer tiny.
21. Ancient Croc cycle fixed.
22. NPCs now have an innate 6% out of combat regen, this affects pets as well.
23. Soulbinders now bind, and Bind Affinity works.
24. Stop has been re-enabled. Charm/Pet related exploits have been resolved.
25. Iksars now start with their respective Guild Summons.
26. Pathing in many zones for trash monsters has been resolved.
27. Level 2 experience has been reduced.
28. Fixed various quests.
29. Maximum EXP for kills/quest is 14%
30. West Commons zone line fixed
31. Necromancer spells added to Grobb
32 Player pet in-combat regen has been reduced considerably.
33. HP Regen Rate for PCs out of combat has been fixed to 8% of Max HP. I divided by .08 instead of multiplying by .08.
34. HighPass zonelines fixed.
35. Old NPC models have been implemented.
36. Multiple quests fixed.
37. NPC regen to 100% on disengage fixed.
38. Lord Nagafen no longer leashed
39. Lady Vox no longer leashed
40. Plane of Fear reverted to 1.0
41. Plane of Hate reverted to 1.0
42. Removed Velious Hate armor.
43. Added lustrous russet
44. Mobs in Lower guk no longer see invis where they aren't supposed to.
Wizards and Urd Shamans will.
45. Fixed Right Click spell gems with new spellfile.
46. Website fixed to not open multiple pages. _blank != _self
47. Mage pets requiring LAPIS LAZULI have been reverted to Malachite.
48. Set TradeskillMaxTrain to 200.
49. Research now trainable past 21 up to level skillcap.
50. Ancient Croc cycle now properly works.
51. Snare overwrites SoW.
52. Root no longer overrites SoW, SoW No longer overwrites Root.
53. Root and Snare now stack.
54. NPCs will now cast the correct Fear, instead of casting a 6 second stun version.
55. Redid 40+ Nav Meshes. Pathing should be MUCH better in multiple zones.
56.  Fixed bug with website where Forums link took you nowhere.
57. Spirit of Wolf should now show under Utility Beneficial->Movement. Please download new spell file.
58. Fixed Hide breaking Charm
59. EC->WC Completely fixed this time
60. Highpass pathing fixed.
61. Highpass gnolls have returned from their Hiatus. Grenix now offers the world a Polished Granite Tomahawk, if you're brave enough to cut him down!
62. Shaman Spirit Wolf pets are now slightly translucent.
63. Quest Faction now stacks when multiple items are handed in.
64. Experience loss now begins at level 6.
65. Fixed Thex Dagger Quest of Highkeep.
66. Carver Cagrek quests fixed. Not requiring 10 gold for the oven mittens.
67. Hergor Feeding quest fixed. Now gives random Large Raw-Hide or Tattered upon completion.
68. Hergor now gives exp and 2g on turn-in along with random Large Raw-hide or Tattered pieces. Carver now gives appropriate experience for 4 spore mushrooms.
69. Carver Cagrek now requires 10G for the Oven Mittens. Working as intended.
70. Fixed link to patcher on website.
71. Tolon Nurbyte now gives Thex Dagger upon handing in letter.
72. Skill caps for Sense Heading and Swimming fixed.
73. Added an evil side quest almost like the Crushbone Belt quest - Requires Froglok Eyes (Works same way as  belts 1 2 3  or 4 of them at once. Shoulderpads are replaced to Froglok Blood (x2 or x4 only), please don't turn in stacked. Quest Giver: Ugoki
74. Pets now use NavMesh and will no longer path through walls.
75. SoW will now show under Spell Search from right clicking spell gems.
76. Upped the Froglok Eye drop rate a small percentage. EDIT: Added Eyes to more mobs, Bosses in Guk Top have higher % drop rate of Blood and Eye. Also adding them to Guk Bottom.
77. Monk Shackle Quest will only have the First one implemented until Kunark when Iksars move out of Grobb!
78. Adjusted Anson McBale accuracy [Hitting 1 out of 20]
79. Fixed An Ancient Crocs Spawn point.
80. Ancient Croc will now spawn alone, and without other Saltwater Crocodiles.
81. Spell particles and sound should be fixed on patch. Issue with the spell count on RoF2
82. NPCs now gain Magic Attack Innate, regardless of weapons after level 11.
83. Rogues can no longer pickpocket equipped weapons from an NPC.
84. Fixed Ugoki faction to match with Grobb and changed Fishbone Earring drop rate.
85. Lowered Froglok Blood drop rates.
86. Fixed pathing in Upper Guk.
87. Patcher now points to new domain and should work again.
88. Out of Combat regen will now take into account your base regen.

The formula for HP is (fast_regen * .08) + hpregen
The formula for MP is (fast_regen * .06) + manaregen
89.  Iksar Necromancer starting scroll, when handed to Harbinger Glosk, will produce a Drape of the Brood.
90. You will no longer be able to win a race and receive an endless amount of Diamonds for doing absolutely nothing.
91. Arch Duke Xog will no longer give Pawn's Khukri for the Iksar Shadowknight note turn in. Now gives Black and Green  tunic.
92. Iksars have had their starting resists lowered considerably, due to the dual nature of their innate abilities, which far exceeds that of any other choices in Classic content."
93. Fire Beetle Eyes no longer stack.
94. Monsters are now more than willing to give up their Rusty and Bronze weapons!
95. Research pages will now drop more often.
96. Removed 20+ LoY Newbie quests.
97. Froglok Eyes were removed from higher end mobs in Guk and kept on lower level Frogs. Froglok Blood was removed from lower level mobs. Ugoki was removed from Grobb and placed in Innothule with a faction change to Neriak.
98. Undead Froglok Tongues will now only drog from *gasp* UNDEAD FROGLOKS.
99. SolTemple Zoneline fixed.
100. Iksars are no longer able to use plate as per discussion.
101. Highpass -> HighKeep zonelines now respect left and right bias.
102. The Treant Fists quest line at a banished kerran now hands you the Box with Pawprints accordingly after giving him Puab's Token, and gives a tattered parchment after giving him the combined item.
103. Blue Diamonds no longer drop until Kunark+.
104. Guards will now take all of the EXP from a monster if they kill it regardless of your damage.
105. The Priests of Discord have returned from their adventures into otherworldly realms.
106. Bryan McGee for Rogue Redemption quest now has proper dialogue
107. Grevaks' Lizard Tails No 2 quest has been implemented as intended.
108. Horgus' Lizard Tails quest has been implemented.
109. Kognas' Lizard Meat quest has been implemented.
110. Kognas' Lizard Meat quest now gives random Large tattered and Rusty Two handed weapons at random with some silver, experience and faction as reward.
111. Bard Hand Drum will after reboot look like a drum and not a flute.
112. Giant wasps no longer drop pollen and sternites.
113. Z axis on all floating objects in Grobb are now fixed. Will take effect upon next restart.
114. Blackburrow Gnolls are now more willing to drop items.
115. Harvester quest now working with correct turn ins with Faction and Experience.
116. Adjusted Faction + and - for Lizard Meat and Lizard Tail reward.
117. Adjusted z axis on Forges in Ak'Anon.
118. Gunlok Jure now has more minor equipment and items give, and will return items that aren't needed.
119. Orc Vest Quest from Linadian is now working.
120. Taskmaster Earring quest is now fully functioning.
121. Putrid Skeletons quest line is fully functioning. (Priestess Jahnda is missing 2 items from her reward which will be added)
122. Series C Black Box quest in Ak'Anon is now working properly.
123. Noclin`s Pet is now available in Paineel. (Until spawngroup gets cleaned up)
124. Nicolin Saah now gives appropriate faction after turn-in.
125. Ranjor's Test Quest now takes the correct items and rewards correct items.
126. Soulfire quest is now working properly (Hopefully).
127. SOLTEMPLE zone line now works...theres no longer a SOLPLUG.
128. Spectres should no longer lifetap from a distance. (Upon next reboot).
129. Denon's Disruptive Discord and Chord's of Dissonance should now stack (Upon next reboot).
130. Forge in Freeport East should be on the ground (Upon next reboot).
131. Rats in Qeynos will no longer be dropping phat lewts. (Upon next reboot).
132. Blast of Cold Wizard spell has dmg lowered at lower levels (Upon next reboot).
133. Necromancer skeleton pets should no longer be able to dual wield until Animate Dead spell.
134. When a member of your group/raid engages a mob, you will now receive in-combat state until the entire group/raid is out of combat.
135. Experience system has been rebuilt, and will now feel more linear as opposed to erratic as before. (Slow for you non comprehensive folk.)
136. More optimizations to database/hardware.
136. Pets no longer take 50% of experience if player has done more than 1 damage.
137. Private Loginserver will be available starting tomorrow afternoon.
138. Raid/Group combat now functions. When you write a rule, make sure it's set to true. Gg Maze
139. Greater Faydark critters no longer wander towards Felwithe. They are more local to Kelethin, as intended.
140. Cain Darkmoore (Human Warrior GM) now gives you the Dirty Training Tunic upon handing in Tattered Note.
141. Regren (Kelethin Warrior GM) now takes Tattered Notes.
142. Ebon Strongbear (Warrior GM) now takes your note for tunic.
143. Ran Sunfire now has the correct key words and responses.
144. Ran Sunfire now has her whole turn in function working for the pixie quest.
145. Expin now has his pixie dust quest working as well.
146. Cain Darkmoore has more Bunker Battle Blades available from his green and blue quest for warriors!.
147.  Umvera Dekash now has his part of the quest line for the Gem Inlaid Gauntlets.
148. Mail Delivery Erudin to Qeynos now gives proper letter.
149. Dill Fireshine now has his orc runner quest implemented.
150. Arch Duke Xog will give a TRL IKS Black and Green tunic (Upon restart will the item change).
151. Human Clerics now start at the correct location.
152. Noclin`s Pet is now retired from the tower and is set in his spawn group
153. Fools Gold door now opens and closes.
154. Hole has been reverted to Hole 1.0.
155. Lowered spawn rate of Gynok Moltor.
156. Pommel Mold added to Jillian Dayson (East Freeport) , Olyna Midel (West Freeport), Tortuk Everhot (North Kaladim), Ungia (Neriak Foreign Quarter).
157. Bertoxxulous diety humans have been fixed.
158. Yet again, LoginServer has been disabled until further notice.
159. Forge in Surefall Glade is no longer levitating.
160. Tearon Bleanix now has his two forms in Highkeep per quest Undead for Silent Watch Shield quest and Live for Thex Dagger quest.
161. Cain Darkmoore no longer gives money and your belts back for Deathfist Slashed Belts quest.
162. Lavastorm no longer has an issue with NPCs pathing through the ground.
163. If Cazic Touch is cast, a shout will now be displayed.
164.  Added a list of blocked names to the filter. If your name contains a cuss word, or a derogatory term and it bypasses our name filter, your character will be deleted. I will not name-change, I will simply delete.
165. Memblur now works correctly.
166. Felwithe now has a greater concentration of monsters.
167. Decaying councilmen have been removed from Nektulos.
168. Universal Chat is available when the server reboots.
169. Corpse unlock timer for NPCs lowered from 300s to 120s.
170. Disease from Rats in misty is no longer permanent.
171. Mobs should now flee considerably slower than before.
172. South Qeynos -> Catacombs now zones facing the correct way.
173. Blackburrow -> Everfrost now zones facing the right way.
174. Blinza has seem to ran out of stew. Fat halflings ate it all!
175. Bandits will no longer hit for 1399.
176. Pets will now summon at maximum level.
177. You can no longer use unsupported clients. The only client that works is RoF2.
178. You can no longer create beastlord/berserker.
179. Guard Valon now responds correctly for Cutthroat quest (See P99 wiki in regards to quest information)
180. Noxhil V`Sek now has his rewards and dialogue for his Kerran Fire Beetle eye quest.
181. Guards will now claim exp/loot for attacking a mob upon reboot.
182. Gerael Woodone now has his portion of The Nitrates and the Assassin quest line.
183. Ghostly Bridle has been removed along with the out of era NPC who dropped it, also removed in anyones bank / inventory that was holding one.
184. An Ogre Guard in Najena will now drop Large Ringmail and Large Raw-hide Armor.
185. DDOS protection has been upgraded.
186. Ogre Guards in Najena are now Shadowknights as they are intended to be.
187. Ogre Guards in Najena now have Harm Touch.
188. An Ancille Cook in Mistmoore now has appropriate spells.
189. Cain Darkmoore now has his Deathfist Slashed Belt quest fixed and giving more than 50 exp.
190. Jinkus Felligan's quest line is now working properly.
191. Binding in certain zones should work correctly after reboot.
192. Removed a ton of Out of Era items for quests that should never exist.
193. Began work on developing Anti-Hack and files checksums.
194. Roule is now selling weapons in North Karana.
195. Ceel Moonwhisper and Shadow Treebright had their factions changed.
196. EXP for 1-6 has been reduced. This decision was made due to the innate issues with the CONSIDER system with RoF2.
197. Marfen Binkdirple has been removed from SoldungA and Deluxe Toolboxes will be retroactively removed from inventories.
If you have any items inside them, you have 12 hours to remove them or face deletion.
198. Shared bank now gives multiple warnings when depositing coin. AFTER REBOOT.
199. Hekzin G`Zule now has his quest line working.
200. Beno Targnarle now has his Cleaner Clockwork quest working and his portion of the Eye of Stormhammer quest working.
201. Doran Vargnus was also missing his portion of the quest line from Beno Targnarle of Knight Card has been implemented and completed.
202. Malt has been added to Merchant Hanamaf Darkfoam.
203. Server-Wide OOC has been disabled, as Universal Chat has been fixed.
204. Certain ZEMs were reduced. We will compile a list within the week.
205. Doran Vargnus now has his reward script working.
206. New accounts should now be able to login. An issue with shared_bank plat being negative has been resolved.
207. EXP formula was changed. It should feel much better.
208. Translocators now see invis and hide.
209. Group experience split has been modified slightly to add incentives to grouping. P.S I hate math.
210. Box of Abu-Kar has been significantly reduced in droprate globally.
211. Mobs will no longer ignore root aggro, causing exploitation with root.
212. SongWeaver's armor is no longer in-game and will be removed upon reboot.
213. Deluxe Toolboxes have been retro-removed. RIP items inside.
214. Spirit of Wolf is now scribe able at 30 for Rangers upon reboot.
215. Princess Caulria is finally fixed and taking pelts and anything else she is apart of.
216. Client Linkdead timer increased due to people exploiting a bug.
217. A Drunkard in Kelethin now has his questline for bandit sisters.
218. Merchants will no longer sell you the incorrect item.
219. Pets no longer have the ability to take aggro over a player.
220. Mistmoore has had an increase in its experience modifier due to the risk/difficulty of the zone.
221. IP Exemptions are working properly again.
222. Necromancer pets will now suicide after 2 minutes of feign death instead of instantly.
223. IP exemptions for LAN parties have been removed.
224. Ancient Croc spawn cycle will now work as intended. The trigger is no longer killable via AoE.
225. Lay on hands has had it's range increased. Will require reboot/patch.
226. Jinkus Felligan Initiate Symbol of the Tribunal quest has been rewritten and working.
227. NPCs will no longer buff their friends, because that's not classic.
228. Lesser Blade fiend now spawns in Unrest.
229. Gallin Woodwind now has his Shark Meat quest implemented.
230. Transan is now in Oasis.
231. Mobs will no longer harmtouch twice in a fight.
232. Mesmerize no longer has a stun component, and will correctly wipe aggro.
233. Gnoll Embalmer will no longer automatically summon a Skull of Jhen`Tra on death.
234. Targin the Rock will no longer automatically summon Code of Zan Fi upon death.
235. Golden Ear Stud and Velvet Choker will drop at proper rates from Gnoll Embalmer upon reboot.
236. Highway Protectors Mask has been removed from the game. The quest will allow you to get the faction modifiers and EXP, but the item will not  be given.
237. Multiple NPCs were giving items on death. Resolved.
238. ZEM for Cazic Thule upped from 1.13 to 1.6 to bring in-line with other dungeons.
239. Melee-Push has been fixed.
240. Melee-Push chance significantly reduced to help with Caster interrupts.
241. Nek Gate now works correctly.
242. Mez no longer has a stun component, causing massive aggro for enchanters.
243. Mez can now overwrite other Mezzes.
244. Geeda scouts cape is now working and is now giving the ROG scout cape.
245. Added some missing bandits into West Karana.
246. Opal Darkbriar now gives a NEC WIZ MAG ENC // HUM Robe.
247. Clurg and Gregor Nasin now have their quests reworked to return items if given wrong items.
248. Guard Valon no longer gives a substantial amount of EXP for a trivial quest.
249. Guard Valon now gives correct faction.
250. Runnyeye is now mostly IN ERA.
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Trakanon Raider
I got this all setup, and I know I could have tons of fun here.. But god damn I hate levels 1-15~ soo much. Don't think ill make it.


<Bronze Donator>
Vah Shir in Kerra Isle would of made more sense then Iksar in Grob. And you've given them platemail and made them faction friendly in evil cities? This race has too many advantages and you've removed the few disadvantages. I'm too pure and hardcore I suppose.
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Woefully Inept

Ssraeszha Raider
Well at least for the faction portion once Kunark opens up he stated their faction would revert back to standard Iksar rep across the board.


Registered Hutt
I don't know how far they intend to go, but that schtick didn't last into Velious anyway. Restrict their friends to Grobb only should be a big enough issue for classic. Grobb sucks.


Sharpie Markers Aren't Pens
<Gold Donor>
With iksar ac bonus if greenmist armor from fear is available classic iksar sk would be pretty nasty I think the same or better ac as any warrior lol.

Woefully Inept

Ssraeszha Raider
While Iksars are in Greenmist armor and all other out of Classic era items are not. Out of era items have been removed regularly as they've been discovered.