live aid, 85, Queen: impressions?

Sadre Spinegnawer

Lord Nagafen Raider
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I was an undergrad and remember watching it. The new Freddie biopic is of course coming out, and I hear it ends with a "faithful" depiction of that performance. (Have not seen film yet, do not spoilt, oh wait, there is nothing to spoil. It is not a "complicated" movie.......)

Even from memory or just as a music lover, I'm guessing lots of us are familiar. My view is, it is an epic of both performance and also cinematography (those shots of the crowd clapping along during radio gaga? whoever held that camera deserves a prize).

Always liked Queen. I was in 7th grade when Bohemian Rhapsody came out. And yes, it was mindblowing at the time.

So, wondering, that performance, actually a genuine classic? It is worth a watch btw!