Marvel Heroes 20xx


Vyemm Raider
80d 1h 58m
As Gavin said, the game was fairly popular and definitely had the playerbase to fund additional development. They lost some developers and started making some truly terrible design decisions, lost Brevik, Marvel saw the writing on the wall and pulled the license, and that was the end.

I had like 1200+ hours into this game, which is A LOT for someone like me.

AKKshooULLy, it was a bit more to do with the weirdo CEO like, harassing his female employees or something. There are articles that go into detail, if you care enough to google it.


Got something right about marriage
233d 23h 35m
That happened after Brevik left and the dev decisions went off the rails


<Gold Donor>
46d 5h 1m
The fuck is this? Reopening old wounds, damn it. I work with a MS guy who worked at Trion with great stories. I have this game to thank for my spending control in any game these days, as I added up what I spent and was awed what I had spent starting with the first drop of heroes to xp bonuses to costumes. As soon as I spent a little extra in Tower of Fantasy it went out the window; Gatcha games are just built for that and I have already burned all of that money of MH.