Mistbox -- flim flammery is alive and well


Trump's Staff
23d 13h 31m
Someone at work linked to this in Slack:

I mean it sounds really cool and all, especially since it runs by using a turbine fan to leech off your condenser vented air... but using vaporization to significantly lower air temperature is only going to really work in a very arid environment.

It might also provide some benefit to people who have low or nearly exhausted coolant in their condenser. This is much more common than it has any right to be sadly enough.**

I think people have grown so accustomed to a few genuinely cool innovations from Kickstarted projects that they are more easily duped by shit like this.

** Visited family a couple years back during the summer and their house was hot as hell even with the AC cranked. They bitched that it was just too hot to handle the load. Go out to check the unit, which was running its poor little heart out, and sure enough the line was nearly the same temperature going in and out. They hadn't bothered to check or replace the coolant since they had installed the AC 4 years earlier, which they did because the older unit was no longer cooling the place down. I'm pretty sure the older unit was likely fine and just out of coolant as well, but didn't want to make them feel any worse about it than they already were.