MS and Open Source


Triggered Happy
<Donors Crew>
2d 18h 26m
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As we all know MS have bought git and have opened up some of their code recently. Do you think they will ever let Windows be an open source project? They know they dropped the ball watching google with android and mobile.. How would you feel if if windows was open source? Coders will shit a fit I think, lots would like this and I think it would be a great move.

How do you feel about it - personally, I think them buying github is a bit of statement and I hope they open up their code - that can only be a good thing


Ahn'Qiraj Raider
4d 11h 42m
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Windows does some really stupid stuff from a development standpoint. How they handle code pages makes programming in windows a real headache once you have to go outside of the 1252 code page. I'd love if an open source windows meant some 3rd parties fixed a lot of what makes windows different from a development standpoint. It doesn't need to go away, just less of a stick in the mud.