New DM Advice


Colville's stuff drops off a cliff once you get through the ones he was making before he did the kickstarter stuff. The videos come infrequently after that and tend to repeat earlier stuff. WebDM is pretty much always good.


Trakanon Raider
48d 10h 51m
I've probably spent 85% of my D&D time as DM, but I have very rarely had the opportunity to pick the brains of other DMs at length. YouTube has provided an invaluable resource for D&D players; especially DMs.

There are a ton of quality channels to learn from. Per the recommendation in this thread, I'm going through Colvilles channel right now (on video #23) and I love it. I could do without his intermittent and obvious SJW remarks, but I've still learned a few tricks for mechanics that I used to handle in a less elegant way.

Yeah, SJW stuff is obnoxious but his good advice is worth the eye rolls