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90d 10h 38m
Anyone wanna buy my 55" LG C1? I've had it for like 6 months. It's a BIT too big for my tastes.
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77d 22h 48m
PC monitor? 🤣
I have a 65 inch Samsung on the bottom thats 4k / 120hz for gaming and a cheap vizio on top of it 4k / 60 hz, providing a dual monitor setup that I love. As you likely have already suspected, I dont sit at them in a desk style. The only reason I dislike the setup is one, anytime someone walks into my so called "office" they can see what Im doing from clear across the other side of the room. The second reason is that a corner minimap, say.. League of Legends? The minimap is so far from where your natural focus is, that it takes longer to have the same awarity as someone that started playing the same game with a much smaller screen.

But other than that, I really enjoy how it all worked out. I'd post a picture but I tore up the sheetrock behind it to install all the plugs etc. that werent there in that level of the wall. I have yet to tape and mud up the shit, so it looks really shitty. I'll worry about it one day, but this room is just for me and guest rarely come in except to gawk (and Im lazy).
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20d 5h 44m
Last year they didn't have 42" or 43" in the premium OLED or QLED tvs.
but they did have 48". using a 55" for primary PC monitor use (at a desk) is rather.... ambitious

LG C1 48" was the PC monitor de jour for holiday 2021, but in reality, it was kind of a live beta test, as we know that it wasn't designed for primary use as a monitor and had some rather significant downsides

anyhow, the private monitor sale derail should probably go in the Classified forum, and/or the Tech & Gadgets / Monitors or HDTV forums