Outriders (Squeenix looter shooter)


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137d 22h 8m
looking forward to this. It kinda looks generic from the play throughs on youtube but if it plays good it could be decent for a co-op looter shooter.


FoH nuclear response team
89d 7h 2m
Been monitoring this one, we need more of these types of games with a deep skill tree, builds and loot. Top it off with procedural generated dungeons, bosses and areas and it would be a no brainer to expand upon.


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88d 7h 23m
Well it's been delayed from February 2nd to April 1st.

There will be a demo on February 25th where you'll be able to play the first few hours of the game, solo or co-op with all 4 classes and keep your progress for release which is pretty cool.

I guess SquareEnix doesn't want another Marvel Avengers fiasco and will not release if it's not ready.


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88d 7h 23m
Here’s a FAQ about the demo from SquareEnix.

Pretty hyped about this, I hope it ends up being as good as it sounds.

Hey everyone,

With just one week from the launch of the demo, we wanted to share more details about it with you as promised.

Without further ado, here we go:
  • This will be a Demo, NOT a Beta.
  • It is entirely free. No purchase or pre-order required.
    • The demo is available in Germany on PlayStation, Xbox and PC (Steam). To download the demo for free on PlayStation you need a PS+ subscription. If you do not have PS+ in Germany, the demo is also available but you will have to undergo the usual age verification process.
  • The Demo will release at these SINGLE GLOBAL RELEASE times: Twitter Link
  • The demo will be available on the following Platforms:
    • PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC (Steam & streaming with NVIDIA GeForce NOW)
  • The download size for the demo will be:
    • PC: Minimum 24GB (possibly more after decompression)
    • Consoles: Minimum 22GB (possibly more after decompression)
  • Pre-loading is not currently planned to be available.
  • Crossplay will be available in the demo, but it will be in beta form and will need to be manually enabled via your settings.
  • Our Discord (Discord.gg/Outriders) has been set up with plenty of Looking-For-Group voice channels in case you’re looking to party up with any other players in particular.
  • There is no time limit, either for playing or for accessing it prior to launch. The demo is also planned to remain live beyond launch.
  • The demo includes the game’s prologue & opening chapter. This means that gear & enemies that you come across will be the early game variants. The further you get in the full Outriders story, the more twisted, exotic and powerful both gear & enemies will become
  • The demo runs up until the showdown with Gauss, the first rival Altered who may be even more dangerous than you.
    • Some side missions unlock after defeating Gauss so you will be able to go back and explore the world.
  • The demo includes all 4 classes and 6 character slots.
    • This means you can try out every class without needing to delete any characters.
  • Your Character levels are capped to Level 7
    • This will allow you to earn your classes 4th ability and be able to to mix and match your active skills in the demo.
    • This will also allow you to earn 2 skill points that you can apply to your skill tree.
  • You can progress up to World Tier 5.
    • World Tiers are our dynamic difficulty system. At level 5, your chance for higher rarity gear is increased, but the drop chance for Legendary Gear is still extremely low.
  • Resources will be capped at a certain (generous) amount in order to safeguard balancing for when you go into the main game.
    • Resources are mainly used within our extensive crafting system but can also be traded for better gear from the armorers in the game. The crafting system unlocks in the full game once you’re at a point beyond the demo content, but you can save your resources for use with that system.
  • You will be able to transfer your progress if you play the main game on the same platform account (Platforms are PlayStation / Xbox / Steam).
    • Progress will not transfer between the Demo on Steam and the Full Game on the Epic Store.
  • The demo will not include any trophies or achievements, but your in-game accolades will transfer along with your regular progress.
  • You are free to stream any part of the the Demo. No restrictions.
    • Please note that there is a trailer that plays at the end of the demo. As this trailer contains licensed music, we would recommend caution when streaming this section.
Any more questions? Let us know!


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9d 28m
Having such an extensive demo prior to release bodes well you would think.
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Ahn'Qiraj Raider
Cross-play without cross-save is the only disappointing thing I've seen so far. Everything else looks great.
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FoH nuclear response team
89d 7h 2m
Demo starts next Thursday 25th at 11 CST.

Putting this here since the Mods are lazy and Intrinsic is an asshole.
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I'm With HER ♀
173d 6h 30m
Is this actually looking good?

Holy fuck the menus look so much like Destiny it's not even funnyy.


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126d 17h 0m
Wonder if they will have guild shit to do. Looks like some good times in this game.


Tread Lightly
19d 2h 31m
Holy fuck the menus look so much like Destiny it's not even funnyy.

As a daily Destiny player I don't know what you're talking about. UI here looks more like a mash of Cyberpunk and Division.

Screen Shot 2021-02-24 at 2.02.44 PM.png


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172d 16h 58m
So when does the demo actually go live? 25th at like..right after midnight? or 25th as in tomorrow night.


Ahn'Qiraj Raider
Yeah, and surprisingly (especially for Square Enix) they didn't do anything retarded like putting Denuvo into a game that's already always-online.