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In September 2013, Brad McQuaid let itslip on Twitterthat he's gone from SOE and on to a new project. He made the vague reference that it relates to previous tweets about a niche MMO with a smaller budget not geared toward the mainstream. The project was eventually announced as Kickstarter-bound and Brad had assembled a new team. Legends say a ninja warrior caught wind that the game was to be called Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen.

Pantheon is set to launch on Kickstarter sometime in January of 2014.

1/13/14:Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen by Visionary Realms, Inc. Kickstarter

Work in progress on the OP, will be updating with more information.

Bigdogchris compiled list of requested features

bigdogchris_sl said:
Community Requested Features

I will continue to edit and add to the list. It will be cleaned up over time.
Brad Quotes

Brad looks at the past and the road ahead

On feature creep:

Aradune_sl said:
This game has a target audience -- it is not designed to be a huge all-things-for-all-people game. It needs to be focused, and that focus needs to be making sure we're we're making a game that that audience wants. This game will be smaller, it's feature set specific, and the focus will be on making it fun first for that audience. Feature creep would destroy this game, period.
On Pantheon's scope and developing a world the size of Norrath

Aradune_sl said:
Quite possible. EQ was done in 3 years for around $8M. March 96 thru March 99. We peaked with about 23 people but most of the time had fewer than that. The tech was primitive by today's standards. The tools probably wouldn't even be called tools today. And the people? We were clueless but determined
Modern concepts being tested, but not forced in

Aradune_sl said:
We have some 'modern' ideas, one of which I really like. But I'm not going to get into it until we have it implemented in-game so we can really try it out. If we don't end up liking it, there's plenty of tried and true mechanics we can fall back on.
Pantheon drops the dots

Aradune_sl said:
FYI, we are not planning on using a dot system like VG did. This could always change, but that's the plan right now.
PVP is a stretch goal so insert all your tokens, BigFlex

Aradune_sl said:
All I can say right now is PvP is a stretch goal. If we raise enough $$ we want to implement it correctly. We don't want to just hack in a quickie PvP system. That's really how we're approaching a lot of major features -- we're making sure we have the time and resources to do this stuff right.
Players within a class can differentiate themselves, but your class is your class

Aradune_sl said:
If you're a cleric, you're a cleric. The finding of exotic abilities and spells is going to be a lot of fun. But it's still subject to a solid class based game. It allows you to customize your abilities to some degree (a meaningful degree) but it's not true multi-classing. You're a cleric who has some cool spells that many other clerics may not have. But you're still primarily a cleric and have a role to play. I'm just throwing out numbers right now, but it will be something like you're 90% cleric and then 10% something a bit different because of some crazy rare abilities or spells you've acquired by taking some risks in the depth of a dungeon.

Let me know if that makes sense.
Much to tad's delight, OT/DT is in Pantheon

Aradune_sl said:
Yes, Pantheon will have ot/dt and likely some other more sophisticated means by which you can group certain players or mobs together for whatever reason you come up with.
Feedback will be based around the people Pantheon is aiming for

Aradune_sl said:
Agreed. If we do something like this, it has to be done carefully and *meaningfully*. We want the feedback of players who are already drawn to the game. We don't need feedback from people who don't like the game and just want to change it into something else (WoW, etc.) Gathering that kind of data doesn't help anyone. Nor should any of you worry that suddenly a big group of people pop up on our message boards, demanding we fundamentally change the game, and we listen to them. That's simply not going to happen.
On flagging

Aradune_sl said:
Yes, and it's even possible that in order to achieve your next level, that you'll have to go through a dungeon, perhaps one that wouldn't let you in before, and complete some 'Achievements' in order to advance. Like I've hinted in the past, our Achievement system will be integrated into how you reach your next level, unlike other games where they're just 'cool' to unlock. Unlocking them in Pantheon will have meaning.
The team on Twitter

Brad McQuaid
Corey LeFever
Jason Weimann-- But seriously, do something with that Twitter that isn't ad related.
Ben de la Durantaye
Tony Garcia
Noel Walling
Pantheon Twitter account

The concept art




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Molten Core Raider
96d 3h 17m
@Aradune and to be clear, you?re gone from SOE again or are you referencing your departure after Vanguard?

Brad McQuaid [email protected] 9m
@gogojira_ Gone but going forward I intend to work as closely with them as possible.
Wants to use eq landmark technology? or at least voxel/storybrick?
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Silver Squire
He needs to hire a project manager and not shoot up all the development money.

Otherwise he has always had some good design ideas.

Vanguard was over ambitious and mis managed but it was closer than any of the other shit released since WoW to what I want in a game.


For as much as he's tweeted in the past about the tech being great, or that building upon it is a smart idea, I sure as hell hope that SOE is letting him build upon the technology. I don't know if I've said this before but even if the hardcore audience doesn't end up liking EQN they should at least hope for the game to do well. More great MMO tech for all pl0x.


Lord Nagafen Raider
4d 20h 56m
Maybe he will go grab some of the people from Schillings mmo...


Lord Nagafen Raider
9d 16h 32m
I have more faith that this will be more fun to play than EQ:Next.


Lord Nagafen Raider
9d 16h 32m
Well he talks about niche games a lot so it's either going to be a small project that becomes Hello Kitty Island Adventure 2.0 or it's going to be EQ3. Take your pick
I have more faith that Hello Kitty Island Adventure 2.0 will be more fun to play than EQ:Next.
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