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Some friends of mine and I have a campaign which is about to wrap up. It was the Mummy's Mask AP in Pathfinder. We're looking at taking a short break then starting up a new campaign. I'm going to GM this go around.

A couple people have been saying we should switch to DnD 5e because it's an easier system and plays better. I have yet to play 5e anywhere, so I am coming here for opinions.

I have an idea for the next campaign, I was going to do a moderately modified take on the Pathfinder Jade Regent AP. I like how the story can go, was going to eliminate the caravan mechanic, and change up the story a tiny bit. If not that a modified version of the "Evil" campaign AP.

Question is if we're going to change game systems do I want to try to translate a whole AP over, write one from scratch, or what. Especially since if I'm going to GM it I need to learn 5e.



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Switching an AP to a new system is hard to do and I don't recommend it unless you are a veteran of said system. I love 5E and I love Pathfinder I would stick with an AP you like for whatever system. That said the campaign that comes with the starter set is actually really good(get fixed version) Lost Mine of Phandelver. The updated version fixes some of the story issues.

Pathfinder was my jam for about a decade but was burning out so picked up 5th edition, it was in many ways simplified and a blast to both play and GM for. If lost mines doesn't interest you my next favorite is Princes of Apocalypse(sandbox) followed by Curse of Strahd(classic) and Out of the Abyss(just so mean and sadistic). Stay away from Hoard of the Dragon Queen as it starts really strong but turns quickly into no fun for anyone.

When my group completed Princes of Apocalypse they liked their characters so much I converted The Midnight Isles from pathfinder which took them to level 21 which was also a blast but a lot of work.

if I wasn't currently preparing a Starfinder campaign I would love to check out 5th editions Waterdeep: Dragon heist.
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Has anyone made tabletop scenarios based on EQ/WoW/etc. storylines?


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Has anyone made tabletop scenarios based on EQ/WoW/etc. storylines?
A friend of mine converted some of the Diablo stories into one shots. It was pretty interesting.

The barbarian story revolves around the barb having survivors guilt, basically. He took a lot of that and turned the barb into a hill giant that our party encountered and somewhat befriended. It was a really cool take on it. It was different enough to not be derivative and similar enough that if you were familiar with the story you were able to pick on Easter eggs