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The History of Rome*- Fucking amazing podcast about the History of Rome from the mythic beginning of Rome to the fall of the western Empire. 179 episodes of approx 30-40 minutes each. Its a big time investment but defiantly worth it if your interested in that sort of thing.

Penn's Sunday school - Penn Jilette, what more needs to be said? agnostic/atheist perspective of the world. Very interesting guy.

Dan Carlins Hardcore History - Ive only listened to his podcasts about genghis khan and the mongols but they were very good

Cognitive Dissonance - Current events talk show form atheist/ liberal perspective. pretty fucking funny too. im an atheist but mostly conservative on fiscal issues so it challenges my views in some area. good podcast.http://dissonancepod.com

The podcast history of our world - Kinda new podcast just getting started. Overall history of the world starting from human evolution on up. Really enjoyable so far.

History of the world in 100 objects - Seems like i have a theme with my podcasts, dosnt it. History and atheism. Anyways, havent gotten too far into to this one but what ive listened to ive liked.http://www.bbc.co.uk/podcasts/series/ahow


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Grantland Network Podcasts:

There are a few different podcasts on here. They're primarily sports related with one or two pop culture focused ones (the discussion will usually focus on whatever currently airing cable series is big, whether it's Breaking Bad, Homeland, etc.) Notably: The B.S. Report with Bill Simmons and there are also basketball and football centric podcasts with former players accompanied by a more traditional host.

The Basketball Jones:

If you're into the NBA at all, TBJ is a good source of entertainment and general news on NBA and NBA related drama. It's very NBA-centric, so there's not much more to sell about it.

The Game Station Podcast:

For video game related banter and game news. If you enjoy Total Biscuit's YouTube content, then this is more of the same.

Pointless With Kevin Pereira:

From a former host of G4's Attack of the Show. It's a relatively new podcast, so I'm not sure how to summarize its content, other than saying that it resembles the Joe Rogan Experience with a bit less talk of mushroom eating primates and tangents on how random wild life could fuck you up.


I'm a big fan of most of Kevin Smith's Smodco network, especiallyFour Eyes & Beardwhich is done by Scott Mosier (Smodcast) and Matt Mira (Attack of the show). It's really laid back and aimless, but manages to be fucking hilarious when you least expect it.

Hollywood Babble-onis great, as isJay & Silent Bob Get Old

I used to love Tell Em' Steve Dave, but Bryan got really annoying after he sobered up

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Look for Robert Lewellyn carpool on YouTube. Interviews some pretty cool folks while giving them a lift in his car.


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Really digging the History of Rome, been listening to it since last night. Its solid.

Also listen to Adam Carolla most days when I get the time, or catch up on weekends. Its always a good show. He had Mark Hamill and Steve-O and Mike Tyson on recently, thought all those were good episodes.


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Dan Carlins Hardcore History - Ive only listened to his podcasts about genghis khan and the mongols but they were very good
I can't recommend Dan Carlin enough. The hardcore history shows are the best thing out there. Since you like the history of Rome you should get his "Death Throes of the Republic" series from last year which is a massive 6 part podcast about the fall of Rome (the last episode alone is 5 hours long). I also really enjoy his political show:

Common Sense with Dan Carlin

He is a moderate/independent and the thing I like about him is that all of his opinions are very thoughtful and have solid rationale behind them. Not for those that think they have everything figured out, but if you are politically thoughtful and open minded he will give you a lot to think about.

Adam Carolla has been mentioned now and I really like his show. Been listening for almost 2 years now and some of his rants kind of get old after a while but there are almost always some laughs to be had. Also listen to his home improvement show and I have been listening to his new show with Dr. Drew which is basically loveline in podcast form.

I also like Carolla's news girl's Podcast:

Alison Rosen is Your New Best Friend

Sort of a girl version of WTF with Marc Maron. It's an interview show, and she gets mostly comedians, but she is very smart and funny and I enjoy the show.

More stuff I listen to:

TWiT - This Week in Tech

Leo Laporte and guests talk about the week's tech news. If you like TWiT there are about 30 other shows on the network on just about any tech related topic.


15ish minute weekly podcast debunking urban legends and pseudoscience. It's worth going back through the archives as you can refute just about any crackpot topic as he has covered almost everything by now.

The Dave Dameshek Football Program

Light-hearted football talk 1-2 shows a week. Dameshek and Adam Rank from the NFL Network plus various regular guests and various players call in from time to time.

The Vergecast

Funny, sarcastic look at the week's tech news by the 3 founders ofwww.theverge.com.

The Classic Tales Podcast

Classic short stories or novels in serial form read by BJ Harrison. 1 episode per week.

Stuff You Should Know

Josh and Chuck from HowStuffWorks.com give an overview of a random topic. Two shows a week.

I also download podcasts of various NPR shows including "This American Life", "Fresh Air", "Radiolab", and "Freakonomics Radio".


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I don't listen to many podcasts anymore, not as into warmachine and got a much shorter commute, but I did really enjoy the Dungeons&Dragons episodes with the PA/PvP guys where they went over the new ed. And the PAX playthrough.

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Really enjoying Dan Carlins common sense podcast. Thanks for the recommendation. I will get around to checking out Skeptoid. Seems like something I would enjoy.


http://amateurscientist.org/- Various comedy podcasts. Ask A Canadian is particularly good.

http://www.startalkradio.net/- Neil DeGrasse Tyson's radio show/podcast

http://www.skeptic.com/podcasts/monstertalk/- Talk about cryptozoology from a skeptical standpoint.

http://radio.seti.org/- The radio show from SETI, covers various science topics

http://www.astronomycast.com/- One of the best educational podcasts I've listened to. They go through astronomy topics, obviously. Huge back catalogue that's worth going through.

http://relprime.com/- Relatively Prime, covering various math-related stories (it was a short run, but I think the guy is trying to get funding to do more)

http://www.merseysideskeptics.org.uk/podcasts/- A british skeptical podcast

http://www.theskepticsguide.org/- Various science and skeptical topics discussed by an entertaining panel. (They also have a short, 5 minute podcast, but it hasn't been updated in a long time.)

And then some various atheist podcasts.

http://www.thethinkingatheist.com/home- Seth is one of my favorites.

http://freethoughtblogs.com/reasonabledoubts/- More in-depth on the philosophical arguments.

http://www.irreligiosophy.com- Another topical atheist podcast, recently relaunched after a previous host kinda fucked things up

I also listen to a few that have been posted already. Hardcore History, Cognitive Dissonance, Skeptoid.


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My brain makes no sense. Neil Degrasse Tyson has a podcast? Listen to it? Nope. NDT on Joe Rogan Experience? ERRRMAGEERRRRRDDDDD NEIL DEGRASSE TYSON.
How Did This Get Made?

Bad (and sometimes awesomely-bad) movie reviews with Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael, Jason Mantzoukas, and guests. Pretty goddamn great. The shit that comes out of Mantzoukas' mouth just kills me. Typically runs between 45 minutes and an hour.

The Pod F. Tompkast

A collection of recorded bits, clips from his weekly(?) variety show, and interviews. The conceit of the show is that Paul F. Tompkins is trapped in the internet, but that's taken about as seriously as you would expect from him. The show is funny, well crafted, and distinct in its presentation.

The Smartest Man In The World

Gregg Proops does a monologue in front of an audience and answers emailed and live questions. While the title might be abitof an exaggeration (made tongue-in-cheek), Gregg's obvious love and study of history, politics, baseball, and culture are combined in an extremely quick mind honed (or perhaps simply selected) by years of stand-up and improv and expressed with extreme eloquence and humor. Highly recommended.

The Todd Glass Show

One of my favorites. Like me, Todd Glass was a big fan of talk radio growing up and he hams that aspect up quite a bit. The show operates mostly in an ongoing stoned-stream-of-consciousness of back and forth between the many people there at the taping, with Todd as the ever-preset ringleader. In my opinion it does a very good job of staying funny, interesting, or both for the whole of its rather long episodes (sometimes pushing past two hours and having "aftershows"). Definitely my favorite way to kill time on a long drive.


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My brain makes no sense. Neil Degrasse Tyson has a podcast? Listen to it? Nope. NDT on Joe Rogan Experience? ERRRMAGEERRRRRDDDDD NEIL DEGRASSE TYSON.
45 minutes of moon hoax conspiracy theory. Why Joe, why?


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I listen to This Week in Tech every week and then if I find time I listen to Windows Weekly and Security Now podcasts. Security Now is especially good if you have any interest in software exploits and such. Steve Gibson is a very good host and breaks down everything really well.


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91d 8h 52m
Apparently Carolla Digital and How Stuff Works are being sued by a patent troll company that claims to have a patent on podcasts. They have already successfully sued just about every company that distributes podcasts and gotten a license agreement and now they're going after the podcasters themselves. This is not good news. The kicker is that their patent was issued less than a year ago. Fucking bullshit.