Project 2002 - The Age of Al'Kabor - release date 3/21/15


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That makes it worse. I watched games enter death spiral everytime they went free to play. Makes it too easy to cheat when you just put one toon per account and dont risk it all. Shadowbane and Alkabor drastically changed and then both quickly died after going free to play. Throw away accounts and toons lead to a throw away community.

Even on p99/red99 everyone just puts one toon per account. Less risk when doing wrong and makes it easier to sell the toon, or anything else that is community damaging.
It depends on if its moderated.

I am no fan of daybreak, and I am sure they will milk all the money out of people looking for nostalgia. For me takp is just fine but I play pretty casual.

Also I am pretty sure you are stuck with new elements of what EQ is now. Like hp mana regeneration, marketplace items, etc. Those are things I dont really like. I also am not a fan of revamped Freeport, neriak woods, oasis, commonlands, and so on. I have a feeling a lot of the things that are now a part of the engine that DBG uses will affect progression.

Also DBG seems to be good at launching new servers that safisfy your nostalgia, but not very good at fixing issues.

but hey, if you like it and it satisfies that itch, have fun :)