RIP Eddie Van Halen


105d 1h 34m
Jump will always be my favorite since it’s one of my first songs I remembered dancing to as a baby.

Sadre Spinegnawer

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21d 20h 16m
Growing up near NYC had it's pluses. Black Sabbath's Never say die tour, madison square garden. 8/27/78. VH opens for Sabbath. Proceeds to own the entire goddam arena. This was (I think) my second "rock concert." Had to fake sleeping over a friend's house. (Thnx Timmy!)

Mayhem. Rock mayhem. Screams for encores. Sabbath so pissed, they take almost 2 hours to come out. People throw stuff at band, show sucks, no one cares, because everyone is still high from VH. I tiny piece of me still is, inasmuch as memory requires some perpetual physical substrate. Or else what am I remembering?

All I can say, in my memory of that time, and that night, they were exactly what we say. Eddie and DLR were a "stadium rock" earthquake. Sabbath style sludge grinds became old hat.

I'll always love EVH for that.
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151d 4h 15m
I remember I was like in the 6th grade when 1984 came out. And somehow I got a hold of the tape and it never left my Walkman for a full year. Man that was some good shit. Then Van Hagar came and it was not so good, still good just not as good as Roth.
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marco esquandolas
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I had a huge crush on her watching One Day at a Time. When she started showing up with Eddie I was somewhat jealous yet inspired. Gets me a little teary eyed.
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