Roguelike... City Builder (Against the Storm)


Bearded Ape
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115d 2h 36m
Scalies for dragons/lizards, avians for the birds.
We have:
- Humans
- Furries (beavers)
- Scalies (lizards)
- Avians (harpies)
so I'm expecting the fifth race to be some insectoids, of course.


Bearded Ape
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115d 2h 36m
This is a great little game, I'm enjoying the randomness.. Like someone else said, there's no standard build order because objectives each map are so random and different.

Because I'm still learning things I've made stupid mistakes like picking orders that are impossible to complete several times.
Learning the possible production lines is critical (I'm still doing that).


Vyemm Raider
122d 17h 13m
There's a reason the trading post is so cheap and always available. Sometimes you have to trade for what you need for unfillable orders. This is especially true on higher difficulties when negative modifiers remove your ability to choose orders. I try to put packs of provisions pretty early in my build now to start that amber flow. Of course, you can also win without completing orders. There's even a deed for it.

On a related topic, at first I hated that the recipe window only showed items that you could actually build on that map but it's growing on me as a method to find what's holding back a particular production chain.
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Mr. Poopybutthole
396d 16h 46m
I don't dislike the game, but there's something about the gameplay that I find deeply dissatisfying but not in a way that makes me want to stop playing. Like scratching an itch but it doesn't stop itching. Like no matter what blueprints I roll or what biome I play in, I always wish that a city either went faster or slower, the porridge is never just right.

My only actual complaint is that it shouldn't default you to settler, I wasted a fair bit of time not realizing I was playing on super ezmode and being frustrated at how slow the progression was because of the penalties settler gives.
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