The Sad, sad, state of MMORPG in this brave new era...


Bearded Ape
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27d 1h 45m
I watched this stream about the upcoming MMO and it's... depressing.

#1: Ashes of Creation, Kickstarted AND microtransaction-fueled
#2: Saga of Lucimia, kickstarted
#3: Legends of Aria, crowdfunded
#4: Life is Feudal, the MMO, failed on indiegogo, indie funded with a heaping of early access pay
#5: Ascent: Infinite Realm, AAA studio... korean!
#6: Worlds Adrift, indy, funded, early access
#7: City of Titans, kickstarted copy of City of Heroes
#8: Identity, 1M$ kickstarter!!!
#9: Wild West Online, pvp mmo... kickstarted
#10: Boundless, indy voxel MMO on early access
#11: Valnir Rok, indy, early access
#12: Conqueror's Blade, AAA studio... chinese!
#13: Bless Online, classic studio... korean!
#14: Dark And Light, indy dev since... 2008 (when they purchased the right to the previous one)
#15: Darkfall New Dawns, indy dev since 2009
#16: Shroud of the Avatar, kickstared en 2013...
#17: Camelot Unchained, crowdfunded by the original maker of DAOC...
#18: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen, 'nuff said
#19: Chronicles of Elyria, kickstarted at 4M$
#20: Crowfall, kickstarted @ 20M$ with "independent funding", and lots of microtransactions trying to rivalize with Star Citizen
#21-26: Lots of bonus asian MMOS!!!!

I'm sad panda now...


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7d 22h 29m
Is it bad that only Ashes of Creation and Pantheon looked like they belonged in the last 10 years?
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9d 4h 6m
The Koreans will have to save us. None of these western crowd funded, early access, indie dev and what not games will last or see a proper release.
I work for a Korean publishing company and I assure you that your savior will be dead on arrival. They are trend seekers and entirely uncreative.
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Trakanon Raider
3d 10h 34m
Pretty grim yeah. I saw one from bluehole that almost looked like a kinda diffferent Tera(no action combat though supposedly) that looked interesting(come to find out it's the ascent one you listed). None of the rest really do. It's hard for me to trust ashes given who is creating it and I wont trust pantheon until I see a almost finished game(fool me twice...). Thankfully there is still some decent MMOs to play, FFXIV, BDO, WoW etc , that I don't need something newreally, those with all the other games + real life, keep me pretty busy.

Though I would love to see a decent Sci-fi MMO. And no SC doesn't count, lol. Hell I might just trust funcom to make a updated and upgraded AO just to get one.
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Vyemm Raider
24d 17h 23m
Blizzard slowly going the way of Valve, they'll just make money out of the shit they've already made and aren't making any new games soon. I think they'll be re-releasing war3 and D2 for the next couple of years and just selling more wow expansions/overwatch costumes/heroes of the storm heroes until then. I honestly don't expect them to make a mmo, the fact they scrapped Titan after like 6+ years in development I don't see them trying again when they could just be making Diablo 4 with micro transactions and constant updates like PoE does, way easier to setup and would generate just as much money as a "real" mmo anyway.


Bearded Ape
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27d 1h 45m
Blizzard slowly going the way of Valve, they'll just make money out of the shit they've already made and aren't making any new games soon.
They've recruited a brand new team over the last year for an unannounced game. But zero info about what new game they're making. And yes, like you, after Titan, I'm 98% certain it won't be a MMO. Hopefully, they don't do a BR game.