Topeka thru Junction City Kansas


Ahn'Qiraj Raider
83d 12h 55m
Looking at flying into Kansas to buy a used motorcycled and ride it back to Colorado.

Anyone particularly familiar with the area? Dillema is a flight to topeka is dirt cheap but then trying to get 2 hours west without being a fortune on a cab. I'm leery of trusting a craigslist arrangement. I think sadly my best bet is a small budget moving truck if I can 1 way it there may be cheaper than a rental car. (Since I'm riding the bike back home, returning a vehicle back east another 2 hours isn't much of an option. Even if using a truck I'd rather not tie down the bike and run it all over before starting the long 8+ hour ride home will be rough enough.


Macho Ma'am
<Gold Donor>
83d 22h 17m
Too bad you aren't coming from DFW or Chicago, otherwise you might be able to fly straight into Manhattan. Not sure if it's worth doing something like Denver to Ohare/DFW then on to Manhattan.

From there it's only like 15-20m to Junktown, depending on where you need to go.

There's also a Greyround station in Junction City; I took it a couple of times when I was stationed at Riley. Looks like it's about $30 to take Greyhound from Topeka to Junction City. No idea how close that would be to where you need to be in town. Worst case scenario, taxi from that point?
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