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37d 12h 36m
I cannot imagine playing this on a wired VR set. Was awesome on my Quest 2 - wireless streaming via Virtual Desktop - and was pure quality.

Why the fuck am I going to do the following as a consumer - Please let me know if I am missing something:

1) Pay more for a VR set locked to Sony who cannot even support the hundreds of titles developed for PSVR1? (MAJOR shit show)

2) Be locked to Sony who doesn't own nearly the amount of exclusives to warrant it in VR to begin with.

3) Sony acting like complete chumps in the market this gen effecting development of games.

4) I can pay less, with damn near the same quality, for a wireless room experience not only holding software on the Quest 2, but a flawless virtual desktop wireless streaming solution to play anything in Steam library with thousands of titles.

5) Meta no longer requires a Facebook account.

Alyx on PSVR2? Who gives a shit. Buy a Quest 2 now and play it in wireless room VR via Virtual Desktop and I promise you if you ever demo this damn thing when it comes out, you will know why.
I'm certainly not buying a PSVR2 or whatever. I think you'd be surprised how many people own a console, and would rather just go this route. I certainly wouldn't, but I still know some people out there who somehow operate without a computer, and would rather something like this to be plug-in-play right to their gaming console.

Not really sure what the market for VR really is, but there's gotta be some to make Sony make another VR set.

Plus, I played Alyx with the Rift and cables. It was perfectly fine. Much rather prefer no cables, but it wasn't that bad at all.
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xcloud (gamepass) games will work on it

looks like its straight out of cyberpunk, but yeah... $1500... pass lol


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134d 6h 28m
Eat a dick Facebook, still not signing into your platform. Hopefully a real competitor comes out soon, however, there really hasn't been shit for VR games since Alyx so I'm not really missing anything.


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47d 18h 47m
Thats one of the real problems with VR. No developer is committed to creating quality AAA VR content. VR needs a killer app in order to really take off, an experience (an interactive, well done 360 4k video of a tour in the amazon rain forest, or climbing mount Everest, etc type exploration sim) or game that people HAVE to try.


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37d 12h 36m
I can't bring myself to read about that new Meta headset: Is it supposed to be higher resolution? Or some AR headset or something?


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362d 22h 56m
Playing RE4 in VR man this shit is intense! Highly recommend.

Haven't played in so long but my VR legs are just fine still.
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89d 17h 58m
Ok while this is amazing I am questioning on if I would puke or not playing it.
I feel like the magic of Zelda was in part due to the map, the exploration and the top down which was super novel at the time. The charm of those old graphics becomes annoying in that VR setting imo.

Cool. But not something I would play seriously.
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Apple is also gonna be jumping into the AR/VR space, with a headset in the $1500-2k price range similar to the new facebook pro

almost certainly will be wireless like Quest, probably a lot of AR support too but feels extremely niche especially at that price

but also all these expensive headsets seem more aimed at business purposes, like some weird minority report shit where people are "more productive" inside VR sets

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452d 6h 25m
but also all these expensive headsets seem more aimed at business purposes, like some weird minority report shit where people are "more productive" inside VR sets
The applications of vr/ar are near endless.

Imagine an aircraft where all the controls and displays in the cockpit are an ar projection. The F-35 has a tiny bit of that with its helmet.


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46d 19h 12m
Man just imagine if I could buy this thing and play the 50 psvr titles I probably have.

No thanks Sony I'll stick with wireless pcvr.

No shit. Anyone who buys this over a Quest 2 deserves to be screwed up their ass.


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33d 22h 37m
Definitely gonna try and then return the Apple vr headset, because fuck their prices. But if I trust anyone to make vr not a giant fucking headache it’s apple, they 100% will not release this thing unless it’s by far the most comfortable headset on the market. As much fun as I had with my oculus playing hl Alyx and toying around with some other games, that headset is just a sweaty mass after not too long