Web Hosting and VPS Providers?

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Howdy Y'all,

Any recommendations on Web Hosting Providers or VPS Hosting Providers?

I am considering switching my Web Hosting from HostGator. I have been using HostGator for a long time, and gotten great support in the past. I am a little turned off by their support now-a-days. So I am curious what other providers are out there that y'all recommend.

Current use of HostGator:
I have various domain names, but currently I am not using any of them for anything. The main thing I am using HostGator for is their cpanel access to unlimited email accounts. I have a domain that I use for email, and I create new accounts for anything that requires an email address. My family and I have a main email account each and forward any new "junk" email accounts to the main ones.

Attempted use of HostGator:
I wanted to setup a Wallabag instance on my shared hosting account. The previous version of Wallabag worked fine, but the latest requires php-cli 5.6 or higher. I can point the site to any version of PHP, but I can't change the php-cli version. This is a default set at the host level it would seem. I asked HostGator to update the php-cli version on the server I am on or move me to a server that has what I am looking for. I guess HostGator has gotten large enough, that the tier1 support folks are not that knowledgeable. I couldn't get anything out of them and I couldn't get escalated to someone that could help me. Thus, I am considering other web hosting options.

I am paying $10 a month for my HostGator plan, which is so old, the same plan now costs $5. This is another reason why I am considering switching.

Thanks for your time.


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