Whats the worst music video ever?


Uncle Tanya
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I'm going to shit up this thread, not to inflame but to edumicate LoL

Warr Warr has indeed done it. Subjectively speaking Rebecca Black is the "thread over" answer. However, my dear FoHernauts, I'd like to propose a stand-along to Rebecca Black's Friday in a video that needs a little inspection as to why.

As everyone knows, music videos are just two mediums combined: Music and Video (obv!). The answer to this thread's query is combining ultra bad music with ultra bad video. Anyone could simply upload a 10 second clip of someone strumming the open strings of an out of tune guitar layered over top of Lena Dunham's nudes with crappy early 80s video effects layered into said nudes and *that* would be worse than Rebecca Black's epic shit monument of a video.

No, the qualitative aspect of what makes a bad music video bad is that someone actually tried to make art and it turned out bad. Really bad. And the further up in production it goes to try to make it seem like a well polished piece of art, the higher the stakes of how bad it could be. It's sort of like the music video version of uncanny valley. The closer it seemingly appears to be professional and done skillfully yet also being horrible is what drives "Friday" to the top. It's so bad whilst legitimately trying to mirror something so good that it clenches that #1 spot effortlessly with both formats of music recording and video visuals.

If we make the distinction of judging the formats alone, the list of bad, really bad music is endless. What about bad, really bad video alone then? What is the apex of shitty visuals mixed with a good song? The pinnacle of a video done lazily, piss poor, and with no creativity whatsoever. Not even trying to reach to the heavens for good art... just produced in mere hours and sent to the public consumption?

I present my pick:

It's quite literally the worst video ever made. The cheap, nonsensical visuals thrown in where there is no singing (or worse, when it doesn't even really -belong- ) with terrible use of crossfades, only there to pepper the meat of the video: One camera on the artist singing the song. Utter crap.

(The song itself is not bad... not great but not bad for a 90s synth ballad. Sinead is a damn good singer and pretty too [no hair be damned])
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